Wednesday, 2 May 2012

02/05/2012 - A few gets and a photo shoot

Had a studio shoot today. I hugely prefer studio shoots, but I think that's mostly because I don't really like being outside haha. It was pretty quick once the hair and make up were done, but a lot of fun, even though a lot of the poses were incredibly uncomfortable (although I guess I should be used to this by now). I can't remember what the shoot was actually for, if anything, but there were nice clothes (slightly hipster-ish Topshop things), and dark make up. The photos looked pretty good on the camera screen, so I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Anyway, a few things I ordered online last month have arrived over the past few days:

Garters from Noctex. We actually ended up using them in the shoot today.

Here's how they (well, one) look worn. Not gonna lie, the only reason I was only wearing one here is because I was too lazy to put on the other. Not that it's a lot of effort, I'm just that lazy.

Sword and roses pendant from this Etsy shop.

I also got these from Sainsbury's. :D They're amazing. I remember hearing about them about a year ago, but could never find them.



  1. oh man those garters are so gorgeous~ and on your flawless legs, they look even more amazing! ;A; urghh thigh envvyyyyy


    1. Ahh you're too nice >//< Thank you!

      Loooool I actually prefer Mikado to "real" Pocky.

    2. yeah me too, its so cheap too anyway :'D
      did you get that daim pocky in china town/seoul plaza or was it in a supermarket? e____e

    3. Haha no, from Sainsbury's. Mikado is the European version of Pocky, so you probably won't find it in any asian shops.

  2. dfhsiudjn those gartersss <333 Dayumn gurlll.

    Also lol I think Mikado tastes nicer too, it tastes like REAL CHOCOLATE.

  3. Those garters are amazing! I think I saw some of the photos on FB? Seems they turned out really well!

  4. I love that your laziness and only putting one on has now caused the etsy page to sell them solo :'D Quite odd seeing your legs all over the site though xP