Monday, 7 May 2012

05/05/2012-06/05/2012 - Super early photo shoot and white contacts

Yesterday I had to get up for a photo shoot at 6am. D8 I haven't been up that early in years haha. The shoot was for two fashion students' joint final year project, so I was mostly modelling clothes they'd made. So, after eating a nutritious breakfast of Nutella straight from the pot with my finger, I set off. I chose to walk there (about 45 minutes) with the help of my iPhone for directions, because taking public transport only would have saved about ten minutes, so it didn't really seem worth it. 

I arrived at the stylist's flat just before 8am. I was the first one there, so she made me green tea (which made me way happier than it probably should have) and we watched the news for a while. Early morning news has such rubbish on it, it's hilarious. A presenter on BBC news actually said "But owls don't actually have legs, do they?" ಠ_ಠ Eventually the other stylist and the make up artist arrived. The other model and the photographer arrived when I was getting made up. The make up was like this: 
Fairly natural, but I like it. My hair was curled kinda better than this, but it had sunk a bit by the time I took this.

The shoot itself was fun, but we had bare legs in all of the outfits, so it was horribly cold (we were shooting outside). The photographer was a laugh though, and once we actually started shooting, he managed to keep me distracted enough to not be too bothered by the cold. Getting to the locations was painful, though. One of the outfits I had to wear showed my stomach too, so that one was particularly bad haha. The stylists were really sweet though, and always made us tea when we went back in to change outfits. And at the end of the shoot they gave us sandwiches and donuts. 8)

Today I procrastinated some more. I'm gonna have to start revising soon though, because I have exams on Thursday. :/ Anyway, I decided to wear my white contacts today, because I haven't in months:

I went for a sort of visual kei-inspired outfit to go with the contacts:
Finally wore the sword and roses necklace I got last week, but it's kinda hard to tell here haha.

I was gonna to go out, but because I'm a massive shut-in when I'm in Birmingham, I ended up staying at home and listening to Die Antwoord, eating cake, and watching anime lol. For those that don't know, Die Antwoord is this South African rap group with really interesting videos. Their music might take a while to grow on you, but it's definitely worth giving one of their videos a watch:
This one's my favourite.



  1. I love your makeup for both of them :O!!

    And I loveee Die Antwoord *0*! I love Evil boy the most but this ones pretty good~

    1. Thank you~ <3

      Ahh, that one's my second favourite.


  3. I'm finally convinced you could pull of anything. Whether it be make up or clothes /jealous. ; 3;

    1. Haha I reeeally can't, but thanks. c:

  4. I like your style, defo gonna follow this blog!