Sunday, 13 May 2012

13/05/2012 - Hair cut and shoot

I had my first paid photo shoot today, and it was amazing. It was with Room 97 for their British Hairdressing Awards entry. They're the salon chain that won last year, so that's pretty cool. I actually almost turned down the shoot because I was trying to grow my hair, but I'm really glad I didn't. 

There were supposedly seven other models (I only saw a few), but I was first, so I had to be there at 9am. D: Public transport in Birmingham is pretty awful, so I tend to walk to shoots. This one was only about half an hour away, through a nice area, and the weather was really nice in the morning, so I didn't mind at all. 

Fairly soon after arriving, they got to work on my hair. There was a main hairdresser doing the cutting, and two assistants. They were originally going to make a fringe for me out of extensions so they could cut it shorter than I wanted my real one, but that didn't work out. Getting it out was painful. 

Aaand here is the hair. They thinned it out a LOT; it's maybe half the thickness it used to be, but I quite like it. It's not what I'd usually go for, but for that amount of money I can't complain. I can also move it around a bit to make it look like boy hair, which pleases me immensely (I like being able to change hair-gender at will). A bit scared to see how it'll look when it hasn't been straightened to death, though.

Hair took maybe two hours, then I had my make up done surprisingly quickly, and got changed. The theme for the clothing and make up was sci-fi. The make up was fairly subtle, with metallic blues and such (that sounds like the opposite of subtle, but nope). Most of the clothes were actually too big for me haha, but they found something for me that kind of looked like a space ship uniform. Pretty cool. 

As for the actual shoot, it was... cold. Studios always are, and it makes no sense to me, because models rarely seem to wear warm clothes. It was fun, though. The photos were in the style of the typical photos you see in salons of girls with crazy haircuts. The owner of the salon chain sat on the floor and blew a hair-dryer at me (it was kinda hard to not laugh at times) to create wind, so during the shoot it actually looked more like this:

I got to see the photos, because a laptop was hooked up to the camera, so they appeared on screen as they were taken, and they looked really good, but because I get paid, I won't get copies of them. :C I think I might eventually get the final photo they use, though, so that's something.

I leave you with some pictures I took on the way back of a pretty graveyard: 



  1. That looks so so so so so so much better than your hair before :D

    1. Haha I can't deny that my hair before was awful, but that's because I was trying to grow it out.

  2. You look terrific with a short bob haircut and a fringe you should keep it like that it suits you perfectly