Sunday, 26 July 2015

Hyper Japan

A week or two ago I attended a Japanese culture event in London called Hyper Japan. I wasn't hugely impressed by the event itself this time, but they had some good bands there, so I enjoyed it. 


 LOST ASH did lives on two days and meet & greets. They were really kind and friendly c:


Being charming with Lizzie

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

I was recently contacted by, who offered me some products in exchange for using them in some Lookbook posts. I wanted to post about them here, too, because they have some cool stuff. Most of the products are only £5, but the quality is really good!

Here are some outfits with the items I chose:
 I decided to get this one in size XL so I could wear it like a dress.

This one is actually a normal T-shirt, but I cut it into a crop top. 

Monday, 13 July 2015

VAMPS concert

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to see VAMPS playing twice at Japan Night in London! I'd only planned to go on the Friday, as I couldn't afford tickets for both nights, but on Saturday I ran into the lovely Kimi, who gave me a spare pass she had for that night. <3 

On Friday I arrived at the venue a few hours early. About a month ago I had surgery on my feet, and whilst I'm almost recovered now, I still have to use crutches, and didn't want to risk someone jumping on my feet, so I arrived early so I could stand in the front row, which would be safer (and I could put my crutches down behind the barrier and hold on to that instead if I needed to). Thankfully, I managed to get a front row spot on Kaz's side. 

My look that day was inspired by the girl on the cover of the BLOODSUCKERS album, because I had fun doing her makeup a couple of months ago. I didn't have anything like the clothes she wears, so I cut up my tour shirt from 2013 to make it a more flattering style (used to hardly wear it because of the shape it was haha), and keeping with the feel of the album, went for a vampire/pirate/rock-themed outfit.

The concert was amazing on both days. The setlists were pretty similar on both days, and there was a good mix of songs from their new album and popular, older ones. Sadly, they never played The Jolly Roger, which is the song I'd wanted to hear the most. Hyde spoke to the crowd a lot, and really tried his best with English, which was cute. 

Post-surgery update

Long time, no post! About a month ago I had surgery on my feet, so I haven't had much to post about. Nothing "happened" as such; it was just fixing a problem I've had since childhood. I had to rest for four weeks, so I was pretty much just watching anime at home the whole time haha. I've been allowed to start going out again (with crutches) since Friday, though, so I should have some more things to blog about soon.

Anyway, here's a recent makeup look: