Sunday, 13 September 2015

Mesh dress from

This is part two of the reviews!

This post will be about the mesh dress, which you can find here for $9.33.

Here it is unworn, in a size M. This piece is actually a little different from the stock pictures. The sleeves are much shorter, and the overall dress length is shorter, too (so short that I feel more comfortable wearing it as a top rather than a dress). I'm sure that the model on the site is shorter than me (I'm 173cm), but I don't think that's the whole reason that this is so short. Other than that, it's a nice, well-made piece.

Here's how it looks worn:

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Review: Luxemme

(Please note that although this is a sponsored review, all opinions are entirely my own.)
I was contacted by Luxemme, who offered me a product of my choice to review. 

Luxemme is an online fashion brand based in Manchester, UK. They take inspiration from and blend together Parisian and Manchester fashion, creating a classy and unique (yet still very wearable) look. 

The staff member I was in contact with was very friendly and helpful, and the product was dispatched and arrived quickly. 
It arrived in perfect condition in a sturdy, plastic envelope. 

I chose the Melba Tie Waist Jacket. Here's how it looks unworn:
It's well made with good quality material, and is true to the stock photos on the website. The fabric is quite light, making it perfect for spring and autumn (or English summers).

Here it is worn:
I really like how versatile this piece is. Here, I've gone for a simple, slightly gothic look, but I often wear it in a far more "normal" way for work (where I dress smart casual). 

In regards to sizing, this is a size 8, and it fits like you would expect a size 8 to, so no problems there.

I overall had a very positive experience dealing with Luxemme, and I'd definitely recommend them, so check out their site!

If you use the code signorpompelmo at the checkout, you'll get 10% off your order!

I accidentally dyed my hair

lol who does that

I like it though, so I don't mind.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Sailor uniform from

As promised, here's the first of my reviews of the products that sent me. Sorry it's a bit late! I've been super busy with work and organising my move to Japan (which will probably be next month!) lately.

The item I'm going to review today is the sailor fuku, which you can purchase here for just $10.39!

Here it is straight out of the packaging:
I like it a lot! The design is very cute, and it looks just like the stock photos on the site. It's well made and comfortable. The skirt material is quite thin, which means it can be slightly see-through in some lights, but with a skirt of this length I'd usually wear safety shorts anyway, so it's not a big deal. The price seems to have increased since I ordered it, but it's still very reasonable, and better quality than you would expect for the price. 

Here it is worn:

For those curious about sizing, this is the smallest size (asian size M) available, and my height is 5'8. The top is pretty stretchy, but the skirt's waistband isn't, so make sure to check the measurements on the site carefully. 

 The bow is attached by a safety pin, so you can remove it if you want.
Skirt material

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Today I want to introduce a nice website to you guys! Although this is a sponsored post, these are 100% my own opinions. are an online clothing shop with a huge variety of cute, good quality products with low prices. 
Last month, they contacted me offering to send me some products of my choice in exchange for posting them on my LookBook. They shipped my order out quickly, and despite using the slowest shipping method, my package arrived within three weeks. 

The products all came together in one plastic envelope, and each item was wrapped separately inside, as you can see above.

The items I chose:

I'll post separate reviews with outfit shots for each product soon! 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Hyper Japan

A week or two ago I attended a Japanese culture event in London called Hyper Japan. I wasn't hugely impressed by the event itself this time, but they had some good bands there, so I enjoyed it. 


 LOST ASH did lives on two days and meet & greets. They were really kind and friendly c:


Being charming with Lizzie

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

I was recently contacted by, who offered me some products in exchange for using them in some Lookbook posts. I wanted to post about them here, too, because they have some cool stuff. Most of the products are only £5, but the quality is really good!

Here are some outfits with the items I chose:
 I decided to get this one in size XL so I could wear it like a dress.

This one is actually a normal T-shirt, but I cut it into a crop top.