Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Halloween month!

Sorry for not posting in a while, I've been super busy! Anyway, I wanted to make a Halloween post, because it's my favourite holiday, and I pretty much start celebrating as soon as it hits October~

Horns: Kreepsville 666
Dress: Lazy Oaf
Necklace: Super Lovers
Shoes: Rock Walk

Horns: Kreepsville 666
Shoes: Rock Walk
Tights: Primark
Necklace: tutuHA

Casual one for a very cold day
Dress: Glavil by tutuHA
Bat tights: Blue Banana
Stockings and garters: Handmade by me

Necklace: Candy Geisha
Top: Kreepsville 666
Boots: Demonia

Parker: Glad News
Necklace: Super Lovers
Jeans: Criminal Damage
Shoes: Rock Walk

Ears: Tokyo Disneyland
Monsters University jacket: Ebay
Dress: Glavil by tutuHA

On actual Halloween I had to go to university during the day, but I was determined to be at least a little spooky, so I still wore little horns haha.
Necklace: Monomania
Tank top: DEATHGAZE tour
Horns: Taobao

Playing around with make up in the hope that it'd help me decide what to dress as for Halloween:

I decorated my room a little (I'll probably never take it down though haha):
 Sassy, glittery skeleton

Later in the month I decided that my food needed to be spooky too:

I used actual pumpkin to make the rice orange haha

I'm really bad at making food look good, but I love Halloween too much to not try haha

On actual Halloween, I went to Tokyo Decadance in the evening.
 I ended up going as some kind of evil fairy, because I found some wings in a toy shop at the last minute haha.

I never actually got a decent photo of the costume, though :< 

I did his make up (except the mouth) too. I've never really done someone else's make up before, but it was fun having a different face to work with :D I want to try doing make up for more people in the future~ 

I'll leave you with a relevant song~