Thursday, 31 May 2012

30/05/2012 - SCREW live in London

So, yesterday I went to SCREW's London live, and it was easily one of the best lives I've ever been to. If you're not familiar with SCREW, here's a song I like from their new album:

Here's what I wore:

I arrived at Underworld (the venue) at about 2pm to queue with Chriss, who had been there since the night before (and as a result, was at the front of the queue- score!)!
At one point, the band came out to the other side of that fence behind us to take photos with the fans.

When it's sunny I glow like a frikkin Cullen lol :<

Dodo came along at some point so we could get ice cream from Chin Chin Labs. :D 

The day was pretty crazy, to be honest. There were these two drunk tourists (one from America, one from Holland, I think) who had apparently joined together the night before to find a hostel, but never did, and they stuck around until we went into the venue. They were pretty entertaining. Then this random middle-aged man showed up and started singing and playing his guitar (I don't think he was even asking for money; I think he was just enjoying the attention). The American tourist joined in with the singing. About half of the queue were off-their-faces-drunk too. Chriss, Dodo and I also got our photos taken for GQ magazine (an article on "fans of bands", apparently) wtf. Seemed a bit strange, because I swear it's a men's fashion magazine, but I saw the photographer inside the venue later, so I guess it was legit. Crazies aside, it was great getting to talk to people I hadn't seen in a while (amongst others, a couple of girls from my old school), and I met some awesome new people too. 

The live itself was amazing. SCREW sound (and look) even better in real life, and they were really enthusiastic. There are usually a few songs during lives where I get slightly bored, but I genuinely really enjoyed all of this, despite not knowing all of the songs, and was just smiling like an idiot throughout. I was standing a couple of rows back, towards Kazuki (lead guitarist)'s side, and had a really good view. The atmosphere was awesome; it kinda seemed like how very early D'espairsRay lives would have been, which made me happy, because I've always been sad I never got to go to any of their pre-[Coll:set] lives. 

I didn't take any pictures myself, so here are some Richard took:
I was slightly to Richard's right, so this is pretty much the view I had (but a bit nearer Kazuki). 

I was really surprised (and happy) that they played Death's Door. It's one of my favourites (I think it was actually the song that got me into SCREW), but I really wasn't expecting it, because it's an old one.  

There was also quite a lot of fanservice, which I've never really seen before. They're a PSC band though, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised haha. The band members kept leaning into the crowd so the fans could touch them and such (one time when Kazuki did this, he grabbed my hand and properly clung onto it for support loool).  I'm also pretty sure I saw Kazuki and Byou kiss at some point. They all did the usual water-spitting thing, and I swear one time Kazuki actually leaned forward and positioned himself to get it RIGHT in my face lol. :< 

I got one of Kazuki's plectrums! He sort of tossed it in my general direction, and no one caught it, but it landed right in front of me, so I managed to get it. 8D

Afterwards, about 20 of us waited outside to see the band off. After all the equipment and like a million suitcases had been loaded into the trailer on the back of the tour bus by the roadies (this one guy was wearing Hello Kitty slippers looool), the band came out, and waved as they got onto their bus. They were surprisingly tall for a Japanese band (except for Jin, LOL). Most of them were probably taller than me, actually, but it was hard to tell with my platforms on. 


T-shirt. I was happy to see that there was also a women's shirt, as the men's ones are horribly unflattering. I got a medium to be safe, because it looked quite short, but I probably should have gone for a small, because it's kinda too big for me (not so obvious in the photo because I kinda tucked it in at the back lol). 
Back of the shirt. You can kinda see the size better here.

So yeah, I'd definitely recommend seeing SCREW if you ever have the chance. 
I leave you with the PV for Death's Door:


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

25/05/2012-27/05/2012 - London MCM Expo

Expo this weekend was so much fun! I really can't be bothered to write about it properly though, so here are some pictures!

Could barely close my suitcase!

The stall (before the sushi was set up)

On Friday I wore the Haruhi Suzumiya cosplay I've had since I was 14 and haven't worn in years haha.

Our hotel room

Awkward maid lift photo early on Saturday morning

I wore bear ears because I don't like my maid head dress haha. 

With Emilie and Ksara

On Saturday night we went to Japan Underground. It was so much fun, but we had to leave early so we could get up early the next day. :C HITT performed, and I wasn't expecting to like him, but he was really good!
Not a great photo, but I really liked what he was wearing.

On Sunday I reused my Souseiseki cosplay. 

I don't have any green contacts, so I just wore a grey one to make my iris the same size as the red one haha.

Dom got me some nendoroids. 8D

Such a camp pose haha.


Thursday, 24 May 2012

24/05/2012 - Shoot results and Expo tomorrow

This is just a quick blog to ask who's going to Expo this weekend? I'm more excited than I've been for Expo in years! My cosplay plans are as follows:
Friday: Haruhi Suzumiya
Saturday: Maid
Sunday: Souseiseki - Rozen Maiden
(I've been digging around my wardrobe for old cosplays haha. Haven't worn them in years!)
Come and say hi if you see me!

Also, the make up artist from my shoot a couple of days ago sent me the final photo (I love when I get the photos quickly haha):
Make-up/Hair: Jihye Sim
Photographer: Tiffany Lin


23/05/2012 - LM.C live in London

Yesterday was amazing! Before the LM.C live, I spent the day with Dom, Dodo, Emilie, Alex and Chriss.

Outfit shot (please ignore derp face):
(Bow horns and skeleton tights seemed fitting for an LM.C concert.)
Make up and accessories:

First, we did purikura. We forgot to ask for them to be emailed to us, so I had to do some really rubbish scanning myself. Here are a couple:

After that we went to Cinnabon because someone (Emilie?) had never been there. As much as I love Cinnabon, I managed to resist getting anything (so many calories!). We then got some glorious peach alcohol (not enough to get even slightly drunk though haha) and got the bus to Camden. 

When we got to Camden we went to Chin Chin Labs for delicious (nitrogen) ice cream. I got the flavour of the week: Mango upside-down cake. 
(With green tea pretzels and raspberry sauce.)

After, we got the bus to the venue where LM.C would be playing, but decided to stop at my house for drinks, as we had a lot of time and my house was on the way. Dom and I took like a million photos on the bus haha, but I won't bore you with all of them, so here is one:
Dom wore my devil horns for a bit. Because LM.C. 

Here's a group photo we took at my house that looks like a super weird family portrait:
Beautiful edit by Dodo lol. 

After drinking ALL my apple juice, we headed off, and walked to the venue. We didn't have to queue for too long before the doors opened, so that was nice. 

The concert was amazing! To be honest, I only knew about two of their songs before, and by the time we got inside, I was really tired and unenthusiastic, but within minutes of them coming on stage, I was really into it. I prefer heavier music in concerts, but this was a lot of fun, and it was hard to not dance to their music. The whole crowd was really enthusiastic too, which was nice. Maya and Aiji are adorable in person (as was the laptop/keyboard guy, who kept dancing, and seemed more enthusiastic than the actual band members haha). Denki-Man was awesome too, but he was hidden away in the corner for most of it, so I couldn't see him too well. My favourite part was probably the look of pure alarm on Maya's facewhen he realised he'd thrown water on a projector (I think it was fine though). He managed to get water on just about every piece of electronic equipment in the room by the end of the concert. Here are a few not-very-good iPhone pics I took during a song I didn't like so much:

The laptop/keyboard guy c:

The night also reminded me how much I love lives. I hadn't been to one since October, and I've really missed them! So, after listening to them for a bit when I got home and realising I really like them, I bought a ticket to see SCREW next week. 8D Are any of you seeing them?

Also, Dom gave me a shaved ice Hello Kitty phone charm! 8D
So cute! It also came with a piece of gum for some reason, haha. (If you like it, sushi noms will be selling them at Expo this weekend. Be sure to stop by!)


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22/05/2012 - "sushi noms" and a shoot

First, let me tell you about sushi noms, the new business of my boyfriend and his brother. sushi noms sells imported Japanese accessories/cute things, and also sushi at events (the sushi is not imported from Japan, obviously)! The webshop isn't up yet, but they'll be at London Expo this weekend. I'll be helping out (with Alex's girlfriend, Emilie!), so come and see us if you're there! In the meantime, please like the Facebook page! C: Here are just a few of the things we'll be selling:
Rilakkuma ice cream pen!

Festival-themed Hello Kitty phone straps. I love these things haha.

Today was such a nice day! Unfortunately I spent a lot of it in a cold studio, but it was nice when I was outside. I was really lazy with clothes and dressed like a farmer:
I really can't pull off tank tops lol, but it was hot so I don't really care. 

I did a creative beauty shoot (which means "crazy make up shoot") with the make up artist Jihye Sim. Her work is awesome, so go check it out! It was a really fun shoot; all very laid back and everyone involved was lovely. And they gave me food, which is always appreciated. 8)

I was a bit late, because somehow I missed my stop by about 3 stations without realising the train had stopped at all, but there was another model whose make up was done first, so it was alright. Her make up took quite a while, so I was chatting to the photographer and her friend/assistant for ages, and it turns out we have similar tastes in music (and circle lenses haha). 8D During the shoot they were playing techno and such, which made a nice change from the horrible music that I often have to put up with. 

I didn't get a photo of my make up, but it was really cool. I think it'd best be described as abstract and colourful. I'm aware that doesn't really give you any idea how it looks, so you'll just have to wait for the photos. I also had a half-mask on for a few of the photos, but it didn't fit my face properly lol, so I ended up just holding it. At some point they also decided to paint my tongue green. With face paint. So that was interesting (and tasted horrific). 

Also, are any of you seeing LM.C in London tomorrow? 8D Come and talk to me if you are~


22/05/2012 - Back in London and recent gets

Today was my last exam, and now I'm back in London for the summer! My dad drove up to Birmingham to get me and all my stuff. I was on a meal plan at uni (which I really didn't want, but at least there's a Starbucks), so I got money on my uni ID card every week to spend on food. Not wanting to waste money, I had to spend a whole week's meal plan in one day, which was fun. I bought dinner for my dad and myself, then all of this: 

Anyway, now I'm back home for several months, and I'm so happy. Most people are staying at uni for a few more weeks, but I have a lot to do in London this week, and to be honest, I'd probably just be sitting in my room if I stayed in Birmingham. 

When I got back, some things had arrived in the mail:
Ear cuff (it came with a sweet 8D ). For those that don't know, the bottom goes in a lobe piercing, and the top just fastens onto your cartilage (no piercing needed!). I've wanted one of these for a while now, but didn't get one because you never see my ears. You still never see them, but I'll figure something out haha.

Necklace from StarlightDecoDream. I ordered this an absolute age ago, but it took her almost a month to dispatch it (even though it was already made and ready to be shipped). :| I've heard a lot of people have had this problem with her, though. Terrible service aside, I really like it.

And here's how it looks worn. I was expecting it to be bigger, but I actually like it better this way. It kind of reminds me of this Monomania necklace.

Little studs and spike (for clothes etc.). I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with these, but I feel like my clothes aren't spiky enough haha.


Thursday, 17 May 2012

16/05/2012 - Shopping and Japan Underground

I met up with Charky in the afternoon for shoe shopping, ended up buying this and no shoes:
It's a men's shirt so it's not a hugely flattering fit, but I think it'll be good for casual days, and I really lack T-shirts. (For anyone wondering, the text is just Disorder's logo and not an actual alphabet.)

Also stopped in at Gregg's because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I get it now. 
This is what I bought. They called it "Spikey Mikey" lol.

After that I headed back home to get ready for Japan Underground. For those that don't know, it's a club night-type thing that plays Japanese music (mostly rock), and usually has a Japanese band or two playing. Because I had about two hours until I had to leave, I took my time, and then realised about a minute before leaving that I still hadn't drunk anything (I wanted to get as drunk as possible without spending too much, because it had been a while haha), so had to just down everything in reach as quickly as possible before heading off to meet Izzy and Michaela. We had to get a taxi because there was no public transport (damn you, Birmingham) at all for the route, but it worked out cheap enough because there were 3 of us (and even cheaper on the way back because we met a girl who lives in the same student village, so she came back with us). 

Here is Izzy. Didn't get a picture with Michaela because she'd disappeared somewhere at that point.

All of the bands were really good. I normally don't like the bands at these things very much, but all of them were amazing this time. We arrived shortly before the first band (8otto) came on. Here's one of their songs:

The next band was Miila and the Geeks:
And finally, NOKIES!:

By the time the bands had all finished playing, I'd had a few more drinks, and was completely off my face (and therefore brave enough to talk to everyone ever), so I suspect I've forgotten a lot. I do, however, remember talking to MATG's drummer a lot (in terrible, drunken Japanese) and adding loads of people on Facebook.

Miila and the Geeks' drummer, Kaoru. This man is fabulous. Check out dem hotpants.

8otto's drummer/vocalist. Afro! 

Kaoru and Moe (vocalist of Miila and the Geeks). Don't even remember taking this one lol. They were so lovely though. 

And Kaoru again (he was the best!). 

I didn't really talk to anyone from NOKIES! (I think at this point I was too busy chatting/camwhoring with MATG's drummer lol), so I didn't get any photos with them, but I really liked their music. 

But yeah, amazing night. Easily the best Japan Underground I've ever been to.