Friday, 24 August 2012

Off to LA!

...In a few hours, anyway. You probably won't hear from me until about the 5th. I'm not sure if I'll have internet access, but if I do, I'll probably mostly be updating my Twitter, so follow me on there! 

Today, my mother came to London to have lunch with my sisters and me.
Stealin' my sister's clothes~

After lunch, we went to Camden to get ice cream from Chin Chin Labs. 8D
Blueberry waffle flavour

Punkyfish was having a closing down sale where everything was £5, so I got a few of things:
Oversize T-shirt




Wednesday, 22 August 2012

LA, hair cut, gets, CODE NOTE

I got a (desperately needed) free hair cut yesterday! There's not much difference haha, but it looks a lot tidier! I would have liked it to be a bit shorter, but I'm kind of glad now, because I was enjoying having it long enough to be able to tie it up and stuff. 

I don't think I said before, but I'm meant to be going to LA with my father and sisters on Friday! I can't wait!  I had a nightmare finding a bikini, though. After trying several shops with no luck, I looked online, and realised Boux Avenue have a London shop, so I went there. There was only one in my size. :| I really don't like how it looks on me, but I got it anyway, because I need something for beaches/water parks. I usually love this shop, but they're really not much good for swimwear. Here's what I got:

Also, I recently started using CODE NOTE! Are any of you on there? Here's my profile. C:

Other gets:
My sister gave me this as an early birthday present, because "I remember you saying you like round seals" lol. <3 

Another gift c: 


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Pharaohs from the Grave, outfits, gets

Yesterday I went to see my friends' band play. They're called Pharaohs from the Grave, and they're really good, so you should check them out and like them on Facebook! Here's one of their songs:

There was an optional dress theme of 'circus'. I love themes, but I'm terrible at following them, so I ended up looking like some kind of space clown:

With DeMc (who plays the drums) before they went on:
Free clown noses 8D


Here's an outfit shot from a couple of days ago:
Still tying my hair up because it desperately needs to be cut haha.

Finally, some recent gets:
Not sure why the photo is sideways, sorry.

To be honest, I'm not really sure why I bought this belt, because it doesn't go with any of my clothes haha.

The skirt from the "space clown" outfit. No idea why this photo is sideways either.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

14/08/2012 ☆

Today's outfit:
Just felt like wearing these super old jeans suddenly, but they're way too big for me haha.

I wanted to try this hair style I saw Kyary doing (the camera focused on my face though >:c you can probably see it better in the full body picture). It didn't go quite as planned because my hair isn't really long enough, but I still kinda like the result:
Make up was sort of inspired by her too.

This entry wasn't very interesting, so I leave you with this song that I really love recently:
The vocalist is the Kera model Akira. She's probably my favourite model. c: I was really surprised to find out she could also sing well!  


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Recent gets and outfit shot

Ageha (with free Glad News mirror 8D)

Jeans chain

Awkward pre-Slimelight outfit shot:

Dodo being a basement-dweller


Thursday, 9 August 2012

A song and some outfits

First, you should all listen to this song (especially if you like industrial and such):
I can't stop listening to it lately!

For ice skating:

For Yuk's party:
Make up shot (new top lashes!):

And two days ago, when I had to go to the shops. It was cold and I was feeling really lazy, so I wanted to wear jeans, so I tried a more boyish style.
(Sunglasses because no makeup haha)


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Inferno, Arigato in London, Thorpe Park

I'm gonna quickly merge three entries into one, because I've been quite busy lately~

On Friday I went to Inferno (goth night at the Electric Ballroom in Camden) for the first time with DeMc. It's not as good as Slimelight (in my opinion, anyway), but still a lot of fun! Here's what I wore:
Pink because... I just really felt like wearing pink that day. 
With DeMc

On Thursday I was doing promo work for an event called Arigato in London . They wanted us to wear OTT sweet lolita, but I barely even wear sweet lolita at all, so I struggled a bit to come up with an outfit. The final result was barely lolita at all haha, whoops:

On Wednesday, I went to Thorpe Park (a theme park) with my father and sisters. My outfit was pretty boring, but here's me and my sister duelling on a high beam (I won!):