Thursday, 24 May 2012

23/05/2012 - LM.C live in London

Yesterday was amazing! Before the LM.C live, I spent the day with Dom, Dodo, Emilie, Alex and Chriss.

Outfit shot (please ignore derp face):
(Bow horns and skeleton tights seemed fitting for an LM.C concert.)
Make up and accessories:

First, we did purikura. We forgot to ask for them to be emailed to us, so I had to do some really rubbish scanning myself. Here are a couple:

After that we went to Cinnabon because someone (Emilie?) had never been there. As much as I love Cinnabon, I managed to resist getting anything (so many calories!). We then got some glorious peach alcohol (not enough to get even slightly drunk though haha) and got the bus to Camden. 

When we got to Camden we went to Chin Chin Labs for delicious (nitrogen) ice cream. I got the flavour of the week: Mango upside-down cake. 
(With green tea pretzels and raspberry sauce.)

After, we got the bus to the venue where LM.C would be playing, but decided to stop at my house for drinks, as we had a lot of time and my house was on the way. Dom and I took like a million photos on the bus haha, but I won't bore you with all of them, so here is one:
Dom wore my devil horns for a bit. Because LM.C. 

Here's a group photo we took at my house that looks like a super weird family portrait:
Beautiful edit by Dodo lol. 

After drinking ALL my apple juice, we headed off, and walked to the venue. We didn't have to queue for too long before the doors opened, so that was nice. 

The concert was amazing! To be honest, I only knew about two of their songs before, and by the time we got inside, I was really tired and unenthusiastic, but within minutes of them coming on stage, I was really into it. I prefer heavier music in concerts, but this was a lot of fun, and it was hard to not dance to their music. The whole crowd was really enthusiastic too, which was nice. Maya and Aiji are adorable in person (as was the laptop/keyboard guy, who kept dancing, and seemed more enthusiastic than the actual band members haha). Denki-Man was awesome too, but he was hidden away in the corner for most of it, so I couldn't see him too well. My favourite part was probably the look of pure alarm on Maya's facewhen he realised he'd thrown water on a projector (I think it was fine though). He managed to get water on just about every piece of electronic equipment in the room by the end of the concert. Here are a few not-very-good iPhone pics I took during a song I didn't like so much:

The laptop/keyboard guy c:

The night also reminded me how much I love lives. I hadn't been to one since October, and I've really missed them! So, after listening to them for a bit when I got home and realising I really like them, I bought a ticket to see SCREW next week. 8D Are any of you seeing them?

Also, Dom gave me a shaved ice Hello Kitty phone charm! 8D
So cute! It also came with a piece of gum for some reason, haha. (If you like it, sushi noms will be selling them at Expo this weekend. Be sure to stop by!)


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  1. amazing and funny photos :)Love ur outfit,especially tights.Can you tell me where you bought them??? ^^