Wednesday, 16 May 2012

15/05/2012 - Botanical Gardens and a get

Today I met up with Rosanna (uni friend and future flatmate) for lunch on campus, as we both had a free day. After loitering around campus as long as possible, we started to walk back. On the way, we went past the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and Rosanna mentioned that entrance was free for students at our uni, which I hadn't realised. We both had the whole day to kill, so decided to have a look around. I wasn't really expecting much, but it was amazing. It really didn't seem like we were in England, much less in a city. 

There were chickens!

I liked this guy. He was just sitting on a beam the whole time haha.

Shortly after arriving we got caught in a massive hail storm, and had to stay in this little hut thing until it was over.

Stepping stones! 8D Had way too much fun with these.

Well at least one of us was smart enough to bring an umbrella.

Some parts looked like a jungle!

I'd definitely recommend a visit if you're in the area. I'd love to go back when/if the weather gets nicer.

Also, the choker I bought a couple of days ago from here arrived today: