Monday, 29 April 2013


Yesterday I went to Japan Underground~ It was a lot of fun! 

I found my camera charger! So I (or rather, my dad haha) was able to take some slightly more decent photos of my outfit~
Outfit rundown:
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Top: H&M 
Necklace: tutuHA
Horns: Paris Kids
Garters: Noctex
Shoes: Bodyline

Choker: Ebay

Three bands played at Japan Underground. I actually went to see Brain Death Zombie for the last time before they go back to Japan, but the others were great too! 

Here's a video from Colors, the first band! 

Afterwards some of us (including at least half of Colors, who were really nice) went to another bar (the one in that video, actually!), because Japan Underground finished way too early for our tastes. People kept buying me drinks, so I got a bit too drunk haha. It was a lot of fun, but my head still hurts even now! 

And now, back to stupid barely-frozen-yoghurt-having Birmingham to do the rest of my exams. :< 

Monday, 22 April 2013


I'm back in Birmingham now, but there are no lectures or classes this term (only exams), so today I went to find what seems to be the only place in Birmingham that does frozen yoghurt~

Outfit rundown:
Dress: New Look
Eyeball bow: Taobao
Ball-jointed doll tights: Lockshop
Shoes: Bodyline
(I think I'm going to start doing outfit rundowns, because people often ask me where I buy my clothes in general, which is quite difficult to answer, as I get them from loads of different places.)

It's finally warm enough to wear my BJD tights without layering them! 

It wasn't as good as the places in London, and less flavours (only vanilla and "original" :C I prefer green tea) available, but it was cheaper, and still good! 

Song of the day:

Sunday, 21 April 2013


On Thursday I visited a gallery that was exhibiting the hats of a designer (Monique Lee) I recently modelled for.

My outfit was quite simple that day, but I kinda liked it~

 I tried wearing a Noctex garter upside-down as just... a leg decoration, I guess.

There were 3 giant pictures of me! It was pretty strange. 

I've also just got back the photos from that shoot, so here are some of my favourites:

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Google Friend Connect closing?

Apparently Google Friend Connect is closing down soon! :c 

If you want to continue to follow my blog, you can use Bloglovin! I just joined, and it's really easy; you can import all the blogs you're following with Google Friend Connect with a single click.

Or if you don't want to use Bloglovin, I usually tweet when I update my blog, so you can follow me on Twitter too~ C: 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I went out to buy French magazines for my French media coursework today~ 

The weather was actually nice, so I felt like wearing dungarees for the first time in about a year haha. I was wearing mini horns too, but they didn't really show up in the photo. (´・ω・`)

I went into a few other shops too, and came out with this stuff~ The skeleton thing isn't actually a swimsuit, unfortunately, just a bodysuit thing. I have no idea how I'm going to wear it yet, but I'm pretty excited about it haha. I got it (and the frilly socks) from Primark~ The thing above it is a nail art pen by Barry M.

I also wanted to talk a bit about this band I've just started getting into. They're a relatively new visual kei group called RedruM. I think they have a lot of potential! You can watch one of their previous videos here.

They formed a few years back, but now it seems that Hizumi (ex. D'espairsRay) has become their producer. Apparently he's producing the songs, album art and costumes. As a massive D'espairsRay fan, I'm really excited about this, and it's great to see Hizumi back in music, even if he's not singing. 

There's also a preview of their upcoming PV here. I can really hear Hizumi's influence on it (and it also reminds me of D's music, which is awesome)! I seriously can't wait for the full song to be released~ 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

January's Snow Shoot Photos

Today I just want to show a couple of photos from a shoot I did back in January. I was going to wait until I'd seen them all, but I have no idea when that will be, so yeah~

Dress designer: Rima Tadmory
Photography: Memoirz
Make up artist: Becky Hunting
Model: Me

Despite being the coldest I'd ever been in my life, I still enjoyed the shoot, and the first picture is probably my favourite photo of me, so I think it was worth enduring a little unbearable cold~

Friday, 12 April 2013

09/04/2013 - Doing touristy things in London

On Tuesday I was woken up by a text from Amy (a university friend) who was coming to London that day with some friends from her home town and wanted to meet up. Here's my very last-minute outfit:
I wore my new sweater from Glitterhell! I love their stuff so much~ 

I love layering tights and stockings lately~ 

We spent the day shopping in Camden and doing touristy things.

It was also Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's, so we got free ice cream... 

...Twice. 8D It was a cold day, but temperature means nothing when it comes to free food.

Song of the day:

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


On Saturday I attended a small gyaru meet. And I know, I'm not gyaru, but I am interested in the fashion, and some friends I hadn't seen in a while were going, so I wanted to see them. C: 

I attempted a rock gyaru-esque outfit: 
I finally wore the DreamV top with horns and wings that I got ages ago.

We took purikura first, then ate Chinese food. ( ̄∀ ̄)

Group picture after eating

Next we went to a cafe for bubble tea/desserts, and hung out there for a while.
Mine was brown sugar flavoured ahaha, so delicious.

Some more people had showed up and wanted to do purikura, so we headed back to the purikura shop. Only a few people actually used the booth, though, and the rest of us just hung around outside taking silly photos on our phones~

After the meet, I went to a nearby pub for the leaving party of a friend who's moving back to Japan soon. Most of the people there were Japanese, so I was able to practice the language a lot. The main conversation topic I remember is "bugs are scary" lol. We drank lots of chilli vodka. 

When the pub closed, most of us went to a party at a hair salon in Shoreditch where my friend worked while he was living here. It was the birthday of one of his coworkers or something, so they hired a DJ and basically turned the salon into a night club. It was pretty cool. 

As the owner of the salon is Italian, most of the staff were Italian too, so I also got to speak a lot of Italian that night, which made me happy, although at first it was super difficult to switch between Japanese and Italian, because a lot of the words actually sound quite similar. I think I might have asked one guy "Sei italiano desu ka?", whoops~ ( ´艸`) It was a really fun night. 

I'm really addicted to this song lately:

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

04/04/2013 - Video shoot

Sorry, I've been just terrible at updating lately!

One day last week I had to go back to Birmingham again, this time for a video shoot. I can't tell you an awful lot because to be honest, I don't really know what it's going to be like aha. It was all very strange and experimental, and I think the clothing brand just sent some clothes to the camera man for me to wear, gave him a budget, and told him to do whatever he wanted. The shoot took place in some abandoned changing rooms/bath cubicles at a public swimming pool. It was pretty cool~
 The outside of the building

For a lot of the time I just had to be carried around by the other model haha. I don't know why they took polaroid photos. 

I much prefer photo shoots over video (I'm even more awkward when you can see me moving), but it was an interesting experience (and I needed the money lol). 

Song of the day is a new one from DIR EN GREY!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hat shoot and an outfit

On Saturday I had to go back to Birmingham for the day for a photo shoot.

I wore my new leggings from H&M on the way~ 

The shoot was for an interesting hat brand (this particular collection featured Lego figurines on the hats), with the shoot taking inspiration from Harajuku and Shibuya fashion. It was a very long day (almost 12 hours!), but I had fun.  

I didn't take many photos because we were using my phone for music (they wanted Kyary-like music to set the mood lol), but there were 4 looks. I wore various wigs and circle lenses. :D

I couldn't get the iPhone camera to do it justice, but the make up they gave me for this look was quite visual kei-esque in real life, and looked really cool on camera. 

One of the looks had anime leggings! I kind of wish I could have kept them haha.

Outfit from yesterday:
I honestly have no idea what was going on with this outfit to be honest, but I kind of like it haha

I tried some slightly different eye make up too~

Song of the day: