Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sales post: Angelic Pretty, J-rock CDs, gyaru magazines, lolita magazines

All payments by PayPal 
I am willing to ship worldwide (I am located in France) 
Once the item has been shipped, I am no longer responsible for it 
Priority goes to the first person to give their PayPal address If you don't pay within 48 hours, priority will go to the next buyer 
My home is smoke and animal free 
 If you have any questions, would like to see more pictures of an item, or are interested in buying something, please leave a comment or send an email to signorpompelmo (at)

Angelic Pretty Moon Night Theater pleated JSK
Proof pictures: Front, back
Very good condition
150 euros (or make a reasonable offer) + shipping

Fusion of the Core (comes with collectible card) - ScReW
Good condition, some minor scratches on the case
18 euros + shipping

Spiral Circle〜COMPLETE (CD + DVD) - UnsraW
Good condition
17 euros + shipping

Vampire Saga (front of booklet is signed by all members, you can see it a little in the photo) - D
There's a crack on the back of the case, otherwise good condition
15 euros + shipping

Nightmare - The World Ruler 
Good condition 
7 euros + shipping  
 photo IMG_9981_zps0754bdef.jpg

SuG - 39 GalaxyZ (now out of print) 
Perfect condition 
29 euros + shipping  
 photo IMG_9999_zpscf28fc7a.jpg

 Angelo - RIP/Moment (with DVD) 
Perfect condition 
10 euros + shipping  
 photo IMG_9996_zpsb519a1ee.jpg

 An Cafe - Harajuku Dance Rock (with DVD. CD only available in North America and certain parts of Europe) 
Good condition 
8 euros + shipping  
 photo IMG_9970_zps313355a9.jpg

 LM.C - Strong Pop 
Case comes apart when opened, but looks fine when closed. The CD itself is in perfect condition. 
7 euros + shipping  
 photo IMG_9986_zps1b71c036.jpg

Koakuma Ageha (does not come with the mirror)
Like new condition, but there's a price sticker on the back from where I bought it
8 euros + shipping

Like new condition, but there's a price sticker on the back from where I bought it
7 euros + shipping

Gothic & Lolita Bible 33
Good condition. Comes with patterns. Also comes with stickers, but one is missing.
8€ + shipping

More in my older sales post here! 

Friday, 25 October 2013

18/10/2013 - Disneyland!

Last week Nicole and I decided to go to Disneyland while the Halloween decorations were still up. :D It was so much fun!

My outfit:
Monsters University jacket: Ebay
Dress: Glavil by tutuHA
Shoes: New Rock
Ears: Disneyland Tokyo
Eyeball bows: Kreepsville 666
Bat necklace: Candy Geisha
Choker: Twirly Trinkets
Garters and stockings: Handmade by me 

It was all very last minute because we didn't actually decide to go until the night before, but I tried to be both Halloween and Disney-themed
Leg details

 I saw Jack Skellington from a small distance while was having photos taken with people, and I guess he noticed me being excited about all the Halloween stuff haha, because he beckoned me over and gave me this candy. C:

Haunted Mansion

Waiting to go inside the Haunted Mansion. I lent Nicole an eyeball bow to put on her ears so we could both be spooky C:

There were so many cute pumpkins around!

I did not manage to pull the sword from the stone :<

 W... what happened to your neck?! Σ(゚д゚;)

A lot of the Fantasyland staff had uniforms that reminded us of Scouting Legion uniforms.

Nicole on her way to slay titans


The only character-shaped food we could find :c

With Doctor Facilier. I haven't actually seen The Princess and the Frog, but this guy was fabulous and I liked his costume. c:

He got excited about my outfit and said he likes Harajuku fashion haha c: ALSO LOOK AT HIS GIANT HANDS

After the park closed we discovered a Rainforest Café nearby and decided to go for cocktails. We ended up ordering this delicious monstrosity, but could barely even finish half of it between us.

Very relevant song of the day:
I love this version of the song so much~

Saturday, 19 October 2013

12/10/2013 - Zombie Walk Paris

Last weekend I went to a zombie walk in Paris. There were probably thousands of zombies, and it was a lot of fun. 

That day I woke up late, and still had no idea what to wear or do for make up. While searching around for something I could use, I found a bottle of cheap liquid latex I'd bought on a whim back in England, thinking "I'll surely be able to use this some day." 
It was my absolute first time working with liquid latex, so obviously I have a lot to learn, but it was fun, and I want to use it again some time soon.
 The metro lighting made me look kinda yellow, but I hadn't had much sleep that night, and I was slightly hung over (this turned out to be very helpful for getting in character), so my skin was actually paler than death (even before makeup!) haha. 

I didn't take enough photos (as usual!), so I'll leave one I took a different day. I don't know what it is, but it looked like toxic waste!
No, seriously, I didn't Photoshop this.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

05/10/2013 - Paris Manga & Sci-fi Show and Nuit Blanche

Last weekend was the Paris Manga & Sci-fi Show. The event itself wasn't very interesting; mostly just shops, and it was very overcrowded, but I still had fun hanging out with people~

 I didn't bring any actual cosplays to France, so I did my usual lazy thing where I just throw together some clothes and a wig in the morning and try my hardest to look like an anime character:
Skirt: Rose Melody (Taobao)
Blouse: Warehouse
Tights: Lockshop
Shoes: Bodyline
Veil: Piece of material I found in my house lol

 I have no idea what I was supposed to be, but I had fun being it anyway~ 

I actually went alone, but after looking around everything once I ran into Christophe and a couple of his friends, so I joined them. Soon after that we found the adorable Nicole, who I'd briefly spoken to on Tumblr before. She joined us too. c: 
I loooove when people incorporate fandom T-shirts (her wig is kinda hiding it, but it's L from Death Note's logo) into good outfits rather than just wearing them with jeans or something C:

From that point onwards we pretty much wandered around chatting in English (as it's Nicole's first language too) while Christophe made us be in photos with like every single cosplay he (or we) liked haha 

We also had fun borrowing weapons for photos~
I felt like a video game character 8D

That night was Nuit Blanche (a yearly event where loads of museums/shops/galleries etc. in Paris stay open really late/all night), so after Paris Manga finished, Nicole and I decided to go home and get changed then meet up later. 

First we went to Notre Dame. I was super happy that it was part of Nuit Blanche, because since I first saw Notre Dame at night (it looks like a beautiful, crazy vampire castle), I'd desperately wanted to go inside it at night. It wasn't very well lit, so there was a lot you couldn't see at all, but it was still super cool! It was my first time going inside, though, so I'd like to go back some time when it's actually light enough to see. I'm generally not a fan of tourist attractions, but Notre Dame is just gorgeous. 

 It was wonderfully creepy with the terrible lighting. 

Notre Dame selfies lol

Neither of us really knew what there was to do because there was so much that there wasn't really a list or anything, so we decided to just wander for a bit and see if we could find anything. We didn't come across much, but I was just happy that I could go inside Notre Dame haha. In the end we went to a crêperie, then wandered around a while longer before calling it a night.