Thursday, 17 May 2012

16/05/2012 - Shopping and Japan Underground

I met up with Charky in the afternoon for shoe shopping, ended up buying this and no shoes:
It's a men's shirt so it's not a hugely flattering fit, but I think it'll be good for casual days, and I really lack T-shirts. (For anyone wondering, the text is just Disorder's logo and not an actual alphabet.)

Also stopped in at Gregg's because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I get it now. 
This is what I bought. They called it "Spikey Mikey" lol.

After that I headed back home to get ready for Japan Underground. For those that don't know, it's a club night-type thing that plays Japanese music (mostly rock), and usually has a Japanese band or two playing. Because I had about two hours until I had to leave, I took my time, and then realised about a minute before leaving that I still hadn't drunk anything (I wanted to get as drunk as possible without spending too much, because it had been a while haha), so had to just down everything in reach as quickly as possible before heading off to meet Izzy and Michaela. We had to get a taxi because there was no public transport (damn you, Birmingham) at all for the route, but it worked out cheap enough because there were 3 of us (and even cheaper on the way back because we met a girl who lives in the same student village, so she came back with us). 

Here is Izzy. Didn't get a picture with Michaela because she'd disappeared somewhere at that point.

All of the bands were really good. I normally don't like the bands at these things very much, but all of them were amazing this time. We arrived shortly before the first band (8otto) came on. Here's one of their songs:

The next band was Miila and the Geeks:
And finally, NOKIES!:

By the time the bands had all finished playing, I'd had a few more drinks, and was completely off my face (and therefore brave enough to talk to everyone ever), so I suspect I've forgotten a lot. I do, however, remember talking to MATG's drummer a lot (in terrible, drunken Japanese) and adding loads of people on Facebook.

Miila and the Geeks' drummer, Kaoru. This man is fabulous. Check out dem hotpants.

8otto's drummer/vocalist. Afro! 

Kaoru and Moe (vocalist of Miila and the Geeks). Don't even remember taking this one lol. They were so lovely though. 

And Kaoru again (he was the best!). 

I didn't really talk to anyone from NOKIES! (I think at this point I was too busy chatting/camwhoring with MATG's drummer lol), so I didn't get any photos with them, but I really liked their music. 

But yeah, amazing night. Easily the best Japan Underground I've ever been to.



  1. oh congratulations, you managed to pull a different facial expression in one of these photos :D

    1. Pretty sure that one's just my drunk-confused face.

  2. haha I love these photos - drunken Fin is awesome XD Where is your hair bow-horn thing from?? its gorgeous!

    1. Haha thank you. <3 They're from here:

  3. It looks like you had a lot of fun ~ I always consider going to Japan Underground but I never have anyone to go with

    1. Ahh they're really good. You should come to the next one with me!

  4. This was such a good night! I'm glad there's a picture that does Kaoru's hotpants justice :D

  5. :D huh funny phots,also love ur top ^^