Monday, 31 December 2012

28/12/2012 - Medical AntiChrist

On Friday, Dodo, Memz, DeMc, Alex and I went to Club AntiChrist. I'd never been there before, but it was a lot of fun! AntiChrist is a goth/fetish club that runs every two months, I believe. Like Torture Garden, they have a very broad dress code, and while extravagant costumes and such (like you would expect to see at Tokyo Decadance) are encouraged, you pretty much just have to look alternative in some way or another to get in.

On this particular occasion, Surgyn (see the video below) were playing, so the theme of the event was 'medical'. It wasn't obligatory, but I love dress themes, so I followed it.

I went for some kind of nurse-demon-zombie hybrid:

...And then threw in some big, red eyes and Kyary-inspired make up for good measure:

Despite the venue being nowhere near my (father's) house, everyone came to mine for pre-drinks anyway.

DeMc and Alex were both mad scientists/doctors without planning it together, aww (NOWKISS):
They had matching goggles, too, but idk where they are in this photo.

DeMc had a cool pirate goblet for some reason, which I had a lot of fun with:

Blurry group photo (taken right before I got hopelessly lost inside my own coat sleeve):

Both the venue and the event were really good. There were lots of different rooms, and they all had very different atmospheres, which made things more interesting. You could also buy curry, which was nice. 

 Glowy legs~

And a crucifix, because why not.

The event itself was great too; it finished at 6am (although we only stayed until about 4am), and had various performances going on (musical and otherwise) until about 2am. I didn't know any of the bands but Surgyn, but they were all really good, and they talked to the crowd a lot, which is always nice. I don't remember the (non-live) music very well, but I think it was pretty much what you'd get at any goth club, with slightly different things in the different rooms, of course. Also, the people there were much friendlier than any London club I've been to before (Thailand has been by far the friendliest yet), and I actually ran into several people I know from different places. C: 

All in all, a good night, and I strongly recommend the club. 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

22/12/2012 - Fashion show

Just realised, I haven't done a post about the fashion show yet! It was just a small fashion show, part of an exhibition showcasing the work of young artists, but I really enjoyed it! We had to arrive about 6 hours before the show started for rehearsals and to get our hair/make up done. Originally I was only meant to be modelling for the designer that contacted me in the first place, but ended up modelling for two others later (the show was split into two parts) who didn't have enough models haha. 

Here are some backstage photos:

 The first outfit

The first designer's other models were about 6ft tall haha. I'm only 5'8.  :C 

Second outfit. I was only the second shortest model (girl in the middle is the designer) this time. 8) For some reason I find it hilarious how pale I am next to the other models though. I'm ghost~

Last outfit. It was kind of too big, so made my figure look awful, but I still quite like it haha. 

Song of the day:

Saturday, 22 December 2012

19/12/2012 - Clubbing and a tag

On Wednesday I was invited to go clubbing with Memz, Rachel, Alex and DeMc. :D

Didn't manage to get a good photo, but here's what I wore:

We went to Candy Bar (which is actually a lesbian bar, but somehow we managed to get the guys in) first to sit down and have some cocktails/Jager bombs. 
Memz and I had only planned to wear our outline-cat ear things (which are barely visible here) together, but we both ended up wearing leopard print (and giant, spiky shoes) too haha. 8D

After a couple of drinks, we headed to our next destination. We'd originally planned to go to Heaven, but that was closed, so we went to G-A-Y Late instead. 

 The work of a very drunk Memz:

Group photo:

We stayed until it closed, then got kebabs. Fun night. 8) 

I was also tagged to do this challenge by the lovely Black Rose! Thank you! C:

Challenge's Rules:

1. Thank the people who gave you the challenge
2. Share this challenge to 8 blogger who you want to challenge
3. Let them know that you have challenged them
4. Tell 8 random facts about yourself.

I don't know who to tag, so I'll just get on with it~ 

1. ごめん寝 (copy & paste that into Google images; you won't regret it) makes me ridiculously happy.
2. I'm currently trying to teach myself to make clothes, because I've recently realised that I really enjoy sewing. 
3. I dislike most British TV, with the exception being British comedy, which I love.
4. I think I have quite a strong London accent, but people here always ask where I'm from, and it often takes quite a lot of convincing before they believe I'm from England at all. wat. 
5. I have two younger sisters. One is already taller than me, and the other (who is only 13 years old) is almost my height already! :C 
6. I really love autumn (fall) and winter. 
7. I really want a big dog, like an Alsatian.
8. I'm terrible at walking in flat shoes. I think it's because I'm so used to wearing platforms/heels that when I do wear sensible shoes, I get overly confident and just trip over nothing.

Sunday, 16 December 2012


I was going to try to get some Christmas shopping done today, but the weather was awful so I just stayed in and took photos lol. 

I wanted to wear my new JSG hoodie, so I tried a sort of gyaru-inspired look today:
Thinking about it now, this would probably look better with platform boots, so I'll probably try that next time~

Make up and accessories:
I actually really liked my make up today, but you can barely see it because I couldn't find anywhere light enough to get a decent photo with my camera, so I had to use my iPhone. :< 

This one is super blurry, but I wanted to show the ears of the hoodie.

In other news, I'm modelling in a fashion show later this month! 8D I've only done photo shoots before, so I'm kind of nervous (what if I fall over dsjksjk), but really excited! I went to a fitting yesterday, and the designs are really cool~ 

I leave you with some Taiwanese metal, because it's excellent. 8)

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Gingerbread house! ☆

A few days ago I made a gingerbread house! I've actually been really excited to get back to London and make one haha. I've never done anything like this before, so it's kind of terrible lol, but I had fun (and it tastes good)!

 I really messed up the roof pieces, so I cheated and used Kit-Kats instead

 There was lots of dough left over, so I made gingerbread Dodo, me, and Jaz to live in the house. I also accidentally made one of the burnt ones into Boris Johnson (far left), so he's living with us too. 8)

There was also a dinosaur on the roof for a little while, but he fell off and broke his neck. :'c

Also, here's a recent outfit:

And a JSG short hoodie thing that I received today!
The zippers are stars! So cute~ C: 

Song of the day:
I love the costumes in this video!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ball-jointed doll tights

Today I received the ball-jointed doll tights that I pre-ordered from Lockshop a little while back!

Lovely packaging C:


I love them! The design is great, and they seem fairly durable (which is great, because I always destroy tights). They're also long enough for me, which a lot of printed tights aren't, but I wouldn't recommend them to anyone taller than maybe 5'9. 

Monday, 10 December 2012

08/12/12 - Mädchen in Uniform

On Saturday my dad drove up to Birmingham to bring me and my stuff back to London for the Christmas holiday! 8D In the evening I went to Nachtmahr's album release party at Slimelight with Dodo and Alex. 

If you don't know Nachtmahr, listen to this, because you're missing out:

Military style dress was encouraged. I didn't know what to do, so at the last minute I threw together something to try to look like the Nachtmahr girls:
Ha, borrowed my dad's tie.

 I also tried red lips:

Poorly sewn Nachtmahr armband that I made in about ten minutes lol:

With Dodo:

Lol we tried making eggnog, but didn't like it, so Alex had to drink it:

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fun photo-decorating apps!

Recently I've been having loads of fun over-decorating photos with various iPhone apps, so I wanted to blog about some of them. C: I also joined Instagram so I could share them more easily, so follow me if you want!

1. LINE camera
This is the one I've started using most recently, but it's my favourite, because you can do just about everything. There are lots of brushes, filters, and looooads of fun stamps and sparkly things!

There are lots of stamps featuring this character.

2. #Catwang
This one isn't so good for making photos pretty, but you can make some pretty amusing things. It's pretty much just a large collection of cat head, laser, and explosion stamps. 

(I added the hearts in a different app)

3. RAKUGA-cute
This is kind of like a more basic version of LINE camera, but with a wide array of sparkly brushes and cosmetics (blush, false eyelashes, coloured contacts etc.) you can apply, I find it easier to make "pretty" pictures in this one (I rarely do, though, as you can see).

I've been slightly addicted to Costa's Christmas drinks lately.

All of these apps are free, too, so I highly recommend trying one or two (or all of them)!

Song of the day is Angeldust by D'espairsRay, because it's Karyu (the guitarist)'s birthday. It's also my favourite song of all time. C:

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Hello! It's the last week of term, so on Saturday I can go back to London for the Christmas holiday! 8D There are a few things I've been meaning to post about, so here they are, all in one awkward, poorly structured blog entry: 

 Firstly, I’ve entered Lockshop’s model competition, and if you could take a second to vote for me by clicking ‘like’ on this photo, I’d really appreciate it! (。-人-。)

Some gets from the past month or so:
 Tony Moly lip gloss bar

 Dress (that I have no idea how I'll wear lol) from Rare London

Cat ear headband from Topshop

Tights from Primark

And finally, here's an amazing song from Mucc's new album! It's quite similar to their old style, and while I also enjoy their newer, more dancey stuff, it made me really happy to hear it: