Monday, 14 May 2012

14/05/2012 - Graze boxes and Kyary-inspired make up

Firstly, does anyone want a free box of food from Graze? If so, click here, and put in the code '9YJ7F5BD' if prompted. It sets it up so you get one every week, but you can cancel it after the free one with no problems. If you don't know what Graze boxes are, they look like this:
 The shape allows them to fit easily through your letterbox. 
You get four different punnets of food. They're all healthy and delicious! You can also rate the available food to ensure you don't get sent anything you don't like. 

I finally tried on some of the eyelashes I cut up.
The ones on top are how the lashes came, and on the bottom are the ones I edited. Not a huge difference, but I like them.

I went for a Kyary-inspired make up look, but all the photos turned out kinda blurry so you can't see half of it :<

Outfit inspiration started off as Kyary, but changed to Takeru from SuG at some point haha. Neither is evident though lol.

I'm also really coming to like my new hair.



  1. Free food you say?!

    Also that hair really suits you. :3

    1. Yup, delicious free food. 8D

      Thanks. C:

  2. you are so cute! <3 I like your make up!

  3. you look so cute ~~ and your outfit is really cool *A*

  4. Wow, you look so tall! * O *
    I love your outfit, it's so nice. And your tights <33

    It's such a shame that nothing like Graze exists over here in the states, all the snacks look so tasty. I'm jealous ;;

    1. Haha that was really just the shoes.
      Thank you. <3

      Ah, that's a shame. It seems quite popular over here, so maybe it'll take off in the US in the future.