Friday, 27 April 2012

27/04/2012 - I was on Japanese TV this morning!

So you know how I talked about being filmed for some Japanese TV show? That was broadcast this morning. For obvious reasons I haven't been able to watch it myself, but one of my Japanese Twitter followers said she got up early to watch it. C: I found this on their website though haha:

I don't know how they managed to spell my entire name correctly, then put Emmie as "Amy"...

I couldn't be bothered to translate the last two bits because it was basically talking about two other people they interviewed, but there were no pictures of them, and I don't know them, so yeah. No translations for you, Robert and Cleo. 

Also, my headband from Necrosarium arrived! The stuff she makes is lovely, so go check out her shop!


Thursday, 26 April 2012

25/04/2012 - New Favourite Underwear Shop

My exams are finally over for a couple of weeks! \8D/ Now I have loads of time to waste on The Sims 2. I think the exams went sort of okay. Today was the final Japanese lesson, and we got our exam results back (the  Japanese exams were all before the holiday). I think I got about 80% overall, so I'm happy with that (because you only need 40% to pass haha).

So anyway, after my exam yesterday I went to the Bull Ring (shopping centre) because there were a few things I needed. When I got there, I noticed that Boux Avenue had opened a shop. Basically, it's an underwear shop that not only has nice underwear, but also has my size (which is very rare for a non-online shop) and is reasonably priced. I cannot recommend this shop enough if you have a hard-to-find bra size (back sizes go down to 30 and cup sizes up to H). They have a webshop, but if there's one in your area, it's definitely worth paying a visit, because it's a really nice shop, and it's always good to be able to try things on.

I got measured for my size, and it was surprisingly not awkward at all. The woman measuring me was super friendly and helpful (as were all of the staff). My back size is normally 28 and they only went down to 30, so I had to go up a back size and down a cup size, but it's still a lot closer than what most shops have. I tried on a few things, and soon found what's now my favourite bra. It fits so well!

The fitting rooms had different lighting settings, which I thought was really cool.

They wrap your purchases in pretty tissue paper then put fake scented petals in the bag with it. 

I wish I took photos of the shop, because it looks so nice. They also have an old fashioned telephone that's hooked up to the fitting room intercoms, which I thought was really cute. 

I also got these glorious things from Holland & Barrett. They're so much better than banana chips.


Monday, 23 April 2012

This post has no real topic

I'm back in Birmingham now. Term starts tomorrow, but there are no lectures or classes, only exams. This'll probably be super boring, so I doubt I'll have much to blog about. :c I haven't done much these past few days either, as I'm meant to be writing an essay, so here is a structureless blog post about things that didn't really fit in any of the other entries.

Accidentally made my nails sort of match my Super Lovers necklace whilst procrastinating.

Dom and I made sweet potato chips (from scratch). 8D

You had ONE job. 
(In case you can't tell, this is popcorn. Apparently my sister and her friend don't know how to use a microwave.)

I got some posters (Nightmare and D) in a cheap (slightly outdated) issue of Shoxx I got when I was in London: 

I've also become slightly addicted to Etsy lately, and am currently waiting on a whole load of things. Which Etsy shops do you guys like?


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

13/04/2012 - Adventures in Shoreditch

On Friday I met up with Dodo, Randa, Emmie and Marie. We'd planned to go to a shop/gallery called Primitive, but it was closed, so TL;DR we wandered around Shoreditch and went to other shops.

We saw a lot of memes.

I didn't take many pictures haha.

We stumbled across Pat Lyttle's photography exhibition, so we had a look inside, and he gave us free sweets. 8D

A bit later on we were stopped by a Japanese film crew from the network Nippon TV, who did short interviews with me and Emmie about our outfits for some kind of featurette on fashion in London. They made us walk (individually) towards the camera so they could pretend they'd just spotted us and run up to stop us haha. They asked us about our outfits, our age, what we do etc., and upon finding out I'm studying Japanese at university, they made me speak Japanese for the camera and it was super awkward looool. :< They also made me be like "Good morning, ZIP (name of the show)!" (in English) and do this hand movement thing, which you can sort of see in the photo below:

Stealing this photo from Emmie, soz. 

After that was all done with, we looked around a few more shops and took more silly photos, then got the bus to Seoul Bakery to get some Korean food. I had to eat really quickly so I could rush off to meet Dom, who was staying over so he didn't have to get up too early the next day, when we were travelling to the North of England to stay with my mother. 


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

12/04/2012-13/04/2012 - EASTER: THE FINAL

For those who don't know, EASTER: THE FINAL was a sleepover I had at my (dad's) house with Dom, Dodo and Jaz. Our main objectives were to make Easter-themed food and to drink lots. We'd also planned to wear Easter-themed costumes, but ended up just wearing bunny/bear ears because we are lazy.

Wore this skirt because it came with an apron that I'd never worn before. Seemed fitting as we were cooking.

First, we went to Chin Chin Labs for ice cream. The flavour of the week was apple pie. 8D

Baileys in a Fimbles "shot glass" (egg cup lol).

First, we made Muffin Bread.

Muffin batter with raspberries.

The result! It's basically muffins, but in bread form. Dom invented this.

Baileys milkshakes.

Then, for lunch, we made the best sandwiches ever created:
First, make a normal peanut butter and Nutella sandwich.

Egg it up.

Then fry it.


Dodo used jam instead of Nutella.

And Dom decided he needed ketchup with his. 

We made cornflake nests (with Special K haha) to stick with the Easter theme. This used up more ingredients than it should have because we kept eating them before they could be mixed together.

Then we sprayed them (and our faces) with edible glitter.

We eventually got changed into pyjamas and went to the living room to play Ring of Fire and watch movies.
The legs at the top are the only photographic evidence of Jaz (who does not like cameras) being there.

Dom being classy and drinking vodka and orange juice out of a jug. 

I leave you with this beautiful photo Dodo left on my camera.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Adventures of Eggward the Egg

This is Eggward.

Escaped to the jungle!

Oh no, a mummy!

Oh no, bad guys killed Santa and took his sleigh!

And I am stuck in prison. :C

Inexplicable jailbreak, yay! Eggward uses spear throw!

It's super effective!

Well, the day has been saved. Time to go home.

Oh no! Drive! Drive!

Home at last. C:

But I can't sleep. :C

What the-?! 

The skeleton must have followed me home! 

What do I do?! D8

Noooo, I fell over!


I ca-


Yup, he's dead.

Time to relax.