Monday, 31 December 2012

28/12/2012 - Medical AntiChrist

On Friday, Dodo, Memz, DeMc, Alex and I went to Club AntiChrist. I'd never been there before, but it was a lot of fun! AntiChrist is a goth/fetish club that runs every two months, I believe. Like Torture Garden, they have a very broad dress code, and while extravagant costumes and such (like you would expect to see at Tokyo Decadance) are encouraged, you pretty much just have to look alternative in some way or another to get in.

On this particular occasion, Surgyn (see the video below) were playing, so the theme of the event was 'medical'. It wasn't obligatory, but I love dress themes, so I followed it.

I went for some kind of nurse-demon-zombie hybrid:

...And then threw in some big, red eyes and Kyary-inspired make up for good measure:

Despite the venue being nowhere near my (father's) house, everyone came to mine for pre-drinks anyway.

DeMc and Alex were both mad scientists/doctors without planning it together, aww (NOWKISS):
They had matching goggles, too, but idk where they are in this photo.

DeMc had a cool pirate goblet for some reason, which I had a lot of fun with:

Blurry group photo (taken right before I got hopelessly lost inside my own coat sleeve):

Both the venue and the event were really good. There were lots of different rooms, and they all had very different atmospheres, which made things more interesting. You could also buy curry, which was nice. 

 Glowy legs~

And a crucifix, because why not.

The event itself was great too; it finished at 6am (although we only stayed until about 4am), and had various performances going on (musical and otherwise) until about 2am. I didn't know any of the bands but Surgyn, but they were all really good, and they talked to the crowd a lot, which is always nice. I don't remember the (non-live) music very well, but I think it was pretty much what you'd get at any goth club, with slightly different things in the different rooms, of course. Also, the people there were much friendlier than any London club I've been to before (Thailand has been by far the friendliest yet), and I actually ran into several people I know from different places. C: 

All in all, a good night, and I strongly recommend the club. 


  1. You're a perfect zombie-nurse ♥

  2. you all look so amazing!!Want a club like this in my country :( ^^