Tuesday, 4 December 2012

02/12/12 - Maid café!

Sunday was the debut event of the maid café I belong to! The event took place in a fairly small Japanese restaurant in Kent that had amaaaazing food (free lunch for staff 8D). My job involved waitressing (obviously), being unusually friendly and talkative for my socially awkward self, taking cheki (polaroids) with customers and decorating them, dancing awkwardly, and I also had to participate in some kind of Playstation tournament haha. It was a lot of fun, and actually pretty authentic! I was surprised by how similar it was to the maid café I visited in Tokyo (one of the Akihabara Maidreamins)~ 

The uniform (it was a little big for me haha):

We had to make our own bows and name badges (Amélie is my maid name haha):

I also made a bow for my bag, because I had loads of fabric left:

I didn't take a lot of photos because I was busy working, but here are a few I took during my lunch break:
There are a few other maids in the group, but only 3 of us were serving that day.

I look really awkward and tall. orz

Caterpillar cakes!

Giant fridge!

Amazing katsudon!

If you want, you can 'like' our Facebook page to support us~ And please come to our events (they'll probably be about once a month) if you're in Kent/willing to travel there! 8D


  1. You look so cute(´∀`)♡ work in a maid cafe is my dream job lol

    1. Thank you C: You should do it if you ever have the chance; it's super fun!

  2. woow what a fabolous and kawaii job,you look really cute in this maid uniform :3

  3. So awesome. You look adorable ;w; Also, I have the same maid outfit. We match!