Saturday, 22 December 2012

19/12/2012 - Clubbing and a tag

On Wednesday I was invited to go clubbing with Memz, Rachel, Alex and DeMc. :D

Didn't manage to get a good photo, but here's what I wore:

We went to Candy Bar (which is actually a lesbian bar, but somehow we managed to get the guys in) first to sit down and have some cocktails/Jager bombs. 
Memz and I had only planned to wear our outline-cat ear things (which are barely visible here) together, but we both ended up wearing leopard print (and giant, spiky shoes) too haha. 8D

After a couple of drinks, we headed to our next destination. We'd originally planned to go to Heaven, but that was closed, so we went to G-A-Y Late instead. 

 The work of a very drunk Memz:

Group photo:

We stayed until it closed, then got kebabs. Fun night. 8) 

I was also tagged to do this challenge by the lovely Black Rose! Thank you! C:

Challenge's Rules:

1. Thank the people who gave you the challenge
2. Share this challenge to 8 blogger who you want to challenge
3. Let them know that you have challenged them
4. Tell 8 random facts about yourself.

I don't know who to tag, so I'll just get on with it~ 

1. ごめん寝 (copy & paste that into Google images; you won't regret it) makes me ridiculously happy.
2. I'm currently trying to teach myself to make clothes, because I've recently realised that I really enjoy sewing. 
3. I dislike most British TV, with the exception being British comedy, which I love.
4. I think I have quite a strong London accent, but people here always ask where I'm from, and it often takes quite a lot of convincing before they believe I'm from England at all. wat. 
5. I have two younger sisters. One is already taller than me, and the other (who is only 13 years old) is almost my height already! :C 
6. I really love autumn (fall) and winter. 
7. I really want a big dog, like an Alsatian.
8. I'm terrible at walking in flat shoes. I think it's because I'm so used to wearing platforms/heels that when I do wear sensible shoes, I get overly confident and just trip over nothing.


  1. I just love this coordinate <3 especially your tights!

  2. You look super cute! I love your new sweater *v*

  3. Yay this was a really fun night :D definitely want to go to Candy Bar again! :)