Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Hello! It's the last week of term, so on Saturday I can go back to London for the Christmas holiday! 8D There are a few things I've been meaning to post about, so here they are, all in one awkward, poorly structured blog entry: 

 Firstly, I’ve entered Lockshop’s model competition, and if you could take a second to vote for me by clicking ‘like’ on this photo, I’d really appreciate it! (。-人-。)

Some gets from the past month or so:
 Tony Moly lip gloss bar

 Dress (that I have no idea how I'll wear lol) from Rare London

Cat ear headband from Topshop

Tights from Primark

And finally, here's an amazing song from Mucc's new album! It's quite similar to their old style, and while I also enjoy their newer, more dancey stuff, it made me really happy to hear it:


  1. G.G. is one of my favourite songs from their new album! hfunjd I am so in love with the whole album though, it makes me so happy C:

  2. Great gets :D

  3. this dress and tights are adorable ^___^