Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fun photo-decorating apps!

Recently I've been having loads of fun over-decorating photos with various iPhone apps, so I wanted to blog about some of them. C: I also joined Instagram so I could share them more easily, so follow me if you want!

1. LINE camera
This is the one I've started using most recently, but it's my favourite, because you can do just about everything. There are lots of brushes, filters, and looooads of fun stamps and sparkly things!

There are lots of stamps featuring this character.

2. #Catwang
This one isn't so good for making photos pretty, but you can make some pretty amusing things. It's pretty much just a large collection of cat head, laser, and explosion stamps. 

(I added the hearts in a different app)

3. RAKUGA-cute
This is kind of like a more basic version of LINE camera, but with a wide array of sparkly brushes and cosmetics (blush, false eyelashes, coloured contacts etc.) you can apply, I find it easier to make "pretty" pictures in this one (I rarely do, though, as you can see).

I've been slightly addicted to Costa's Christmas drinks lately.

All of these apps are free, too, so I highly recommend trying one or two (or all of them)!

Song of the day is Angeldust by D'espairsRay, because it's Karyu (the guitarist)'s birthday. It's also my favourite song of all time. C:


  1. aww so cute decorating of photos ^^ I love how you added eyes on the latte ^^

  2. I need to get that first app on my android...