Thursday, 27 December 2012

22/12/2012 - Fashion show

Just realised, I haven't done a post about the fashion show yet! It was just a small fashion show, part of an exhibition showcasing the work of young artists, but I really enjoyed it! We had to arrive about 6 hours before the show started for rehearsals and to get our hair/make up done. Originally I was only meant to be modelling for the designer that contacted me in the first place, but ended up modelling for two others later (the show was split into two parts) who didn't have enough models haha. 

Here are some backstage photos:

 The first outfit

The first designer's other models were about 6ft tall haha. I'm only 5'8.  :C 

Second outfit. I was only the second shortest model (girl in the middle is the designer) this time. 8) For some reason I find it hilarious how pale I am next to the other models though. I'm ghost~

Last outfit. It was kind of too big, so made my figure look awful, but I still quite like it haha. 

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