Thursday, 29 November 2012

25/11/2012 - Hyper Japan

Because we'd stayed out so late the night before, we only had about 5 hours of sleep. We got ready, and finally arrived at Hyper Japan about two and a half hours before it closed haha. Someone had gotten alcohol on what I'd originally planned to wear this day, so I had to improvise and come up with something using the limited clothes I'd brought to London with me/never took to uni in the first place. I actually liked the result better than my original plan (which wasn't very interesting):
I was inspired by Sucker Punch and Sailor Moon, pretty much.

The bear ears are from Ikea ahaha. They don't particularly go with the outfit, but I felt like I needed something on my head. 

Luckily, we arrived just as NINJAMAN JAPAN were about to start their mini live, so I joined Dodo and Chriss to watch. Even with a smaller stage (and audience), they still performed extremely well. At the end of the live, Daishi threw a pick, and I got it! 

After the live, they had another signing. I bought their CD and had them sign that:

 Daishi also signed the pick:
When he saw it, he was like "Oh, you caught it? :D". His English was actually really good! I would normally make the effort to speak Japanese, but he just launched into it before I said anything haha, and his English was clearly better than my Japanese, so I just sort of went along with it. 

We spent the remaining hour or so wandering around the event and talking to people/being photographed/eating things. We also saw Metal without make up and with a little towel on his head ahaha. He sort of nodded at us a few times, and we didn't even realise it was him until he was gone. I sort of wanted to buy more things, but the ATM machine in the building wasn't working, and I couldn't be bothered to go outside to find one haha. Right as the event was closing, Dodo and I noticed Daishi a little way away and just waved as we walked by, but he actually came over to talk to us! He was so sweet. C: He was like "Are you sisters?", which really confused me at first because we couldn't look less alike, but then I realised he was talking about our matching backpacks haha. He seemed pretty intent on coming back to London with the band, which I look forward to. 

I found a video of the start of NINJAMAN JAPAN's Saturday performance, so I'll leave you with that:


  1. I love your backpack!
    And you look adorable :)

  2. You look gorgeous as always! This wig suits you so well <3

  3. Great oufit!
    I love the stockings and the bear-ears..hihih..from Ikea? Childrens apartment?

    Let me know if you would like us to follow each other. ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~