Sunday, 30 September 2012

Laser tag, Tron, cooking, haircut

On Friday, Goth Soc. did laser tag! 8D We rented out the whole place so we could play our own music and stuff. Laser tag is so much better when you have this sort of thing playing:

My team lost by far (probably my fault, as I actually got minus points haha), but it was still a lot of fun! 8D

My outfit was a bit boring because I needed something I could run around in easily:
Super awkward photo haha

Afterwards, about half of us decided to go to Eddie's, because Tron (club night playing EBM and such) was on. When we got to the station, the next train wasn't for something like 40 minutes, so some of us went off to find a shop to buy alcohol and start drinking, which made waiting outside for the train a lot more bearable, and by the time we got to Eddie's, I was already quite drunk without having spent much at all. I don't remember an awful lot from that point on, but I do remember being super excited when they played this haha:

Today I just did some grocery shopping, but here's my outfit:
Inspired by Nana.

I also tried cooking something new, and it turned out really well! It was based off this recipe.

Also, last night I cut my own hair because it was a mess and annoying me. It's not amazing, but I like it better than before, and I've actually paid for worse, so yeah. 
It's actually quite a bit shorter, but I straightened it a lot in this picture to make sure things were even. You can probably see the real length better in the outfit shot.



  1. Your both outfits looks so nice~ *o*

  2. wow- skilled at cooking, languages and hair cutting :3 your new hair looks vair fabulous ~

  3. I like both of your outfits, especially the Nana inspired one! (I love NANA, it's even my banner on my anime blog :P

    Laser Tag seems like it would be so much fun! I've always wanted to go to one and (paint ball), but I never had the chance to go. D: Btw, I really like your new hair style. It looks awesome! ^^