Tuesday, 18 September 2012


I tried a slightly different make up style today:
I also tried contouring my nose a bit, but it just will not show up in photos haha.

And here's a painfully awkward outfit shot:
I really don't know how to pose in flat shoes haha

Finally, I wanted to recommend the brand Caprice, because dsjdsaf look how cute this is 8D
It's so so rare to find anything in my size that isn't designed for middle aged women or super expensive, so I was really happy to discover this brand! It has a great range of sizes, and is very reasonably priced (I think this set cost less than £20)! 


  1. That underwear is CUTE CUTE CUTE!

    And so is your new make up 8D Well eyelashes.

  2. I love your make, you look adorable and so well put together as always <3
    Tat set is too cute for words * O *

  3. Eyelashes are adorable on you!

  4. the new make up looks great on you <3