Thursday, 4 October 2012


Today I got some tights from New Look. They're the warm, cotton kind, and I love them. 8D I haven't had warm, patterned tights since I was a child haha. 
They might be good for lolita (none of my lolita clothes go with them haha, but I'm sure someone's would).
Close up of pattern.

In other news, university has been good so far. C: In French cinema we're studying horror, so that's cool. On Monday we watched a really old horror film. It wasn't particularly scary (for me, anyway, but other people were freaking out a bit during the screening haha), but entertaining nonetheless. I didn't catch the name, but it was good, so I'll let you know if I find out. 

Also, we have to start organising year abroad (next year) stuff now! I'm really excited about it, but it's kinda scary. If you're studying 3 languages, you have to do one term in two of the countries, and an intensive language course in the 3rd country during the summer holiday at the end of the year. I've decided to go to France first, then Japan, then do the summer course in Italy. Most of the Japanese partner universities are in Tokyo, so I'll probably end up there. 8D In France, we have the option to do a work placement, but I'm probably just gonna go to a university there haha. Paris would be great, but there are limited places, so I probably won't get to go there.

Lately, I've just stopped caring about what's appropriate for the situation and wearing mini horns to class haha:
No one here cares how you dress, though, so it's cool. Unless you're wearing a onesie/kigurumi of some kind. Students seem to love onesies.

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