Wednesday, 5 September 2012

05/09/2012 - Shoot and Miyavi

Today was really fun!
Here's what I wore:

During the day, I did a photo shoot. It was for a make up artist I've wanted to work with for months (check out her stuff!), but I'd never been in the right city at the right time.

It was a long shoot (9am-5pm) because we shot a lot of different looks, but it was a lot of fun! Everyone involved was lovely, and I think I'll get some good shots out of it. The make up looks started off quite classic, then gradually got crazier haha. 

During lunch break, I found out through Twitter that Miyavi was doing a surprise live (that was a secret until today) in the evening for the launch of a clothing collection at Browns by a Japanese designer. I hadn't really listened to his music before, but I wanted to see my friends who were also going, so I went. It turned out that it was part of an event that you had to have booked for, so we couldn't actually get inside haha, but the woman organising it was super nice and made him play by the window (and opened it) so we could still see and hear him from outside. Miyavi was super nice! He kept turning around during his performance to wave at us, and I swear he paid more attention to the fans outside than the crowd in the event (who mostly didn't know him). 

Terrible photo, but this was pretty much our view. He actually tried to open the window more for us, but that was as far as it would go. He looked disappointed lol.

His set was really short (about 5 songs), but afterwards he came outside to sign autographs for us!
Here he is signing autographs. He's really tall! 

He thought my name was 'Fairy' at first looool 



  1. Your outfit is so cute! And I love your paper lashes!

  2. Woo, Loving the outfit & the hair style's cute~ Hopefully we'll be able to see some of the shots from the photoshoot o: && You're so lucky to have gotten an autograph from him ! I've been a fan since 2004 & missed my chance last year because VIP tickets got sold out a LOT faster than I expected :c

    1. Thanks! <3
      Pretty sure he said he'd come back, so maybe you can next time!

  3. omg. how does it feel to know Miyavi read your blog? lol
    and I love how you've started doing your hair lately, it's really cute :3

    1. Haha I actually feel super awkward about it!
      Thanks :D

  4. I love ur top with crosses and makeup :)

  5. Miyavi is one of those artists I really admire because of how much he cares for and admires his fans ^^

    I also love that top! It looks really comfy ;u;

  6. Wow i love your blog! i follow you via gfc !

  7. I wish he was as popular in Australia as he was in European countries... You are lucky though