Saturday, 29 September 2012

LGBTQ bar crawl

Thursday was the LGBTQ society bar crawl, which was a lot of fun! Here's what I wore:
I should really start taking outfit shots before I start drinking, but I'm sure you get the idea of how it looked.
And this one is just to show you how the tank top I talked about in the last post looks worn, because I really like it haha.
Make up. It didn't show up in the photo very well, but I tried contouring a bit. 
Better view of ear cuff and hair. 

There was about 40 people on the crawl, and they were really nice! I even met a few people who like K-pop (and not just PSY haha). I think we went to 4 bars in the gay district, and one big club at the end (quite a few of them gave us free jelly shots, too 8D ). Although I had fun, the music really wasn't my thing (pretty much the same as every club ever), so I probably won't go to any of the places very often, except for maaaaybe the last club if I have  fun people with me. 

Cocktail slush 8D

I actually lost my wristband right before the last club, but the guy on the door was really nice and let me in anyway. C: And then later the fire alarm went off, and everyone had to go and loiter around outside/eat burgers for a while. 

Ending on a completely different note, have you guys heard the preview of Mucc's new song? I can't wait to hear the full thing! :D
Apparently it's gonna be an ending song for Naruto though lol


  1. I really love your outfit and how you look~~
    And Muccs song sounds nice!

  2. such a cute outfit! (as always~) p.s. where's the spiked collar from? its so awesome <3

    1. Thanks! I got it a while back on Ebay, but the store doesn't seem to have it any more. Try just doing a search for "spiked choker". :)

  3. The way you're posing reminds me of Tatsurou lmao, love it 8D

    I can't wait for this MUCC song to be released as well, it sounds so good.

  4. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaao! Where´s your earing from? º0º