Saturday, 15 September 2012

A few outfits and gets

A few days ago:
I was going for casual, but ended up looking like a really camp pirate.

I'd planned to try a sort of gyaru style, but I felt way out of my comfort zone haha, so I kept changing things until I ended up pretty much just goth. I still quite like it, though.

Today's make up:

I went shopping on Oxford Street today, because I've actually really liked British high street fashion lately. It was quite late though, so I only went to a few shops.

Ring from New Look

Baggy T-shirt from New Look

Mock suspender tights from River Island (my Tumblr url is on there because people on there won't stop stealing photos of my legs wtf)

Cheap Creeper-type shoes from the market near my house. I just wanted some flat shoes that aren't boots.



  1. I'm in love with your style! u_u <3 your first outfit is my favorite.
    The tiiights, they look so nice! And oh my goodness, I knew I'd seen your photos floating around unsourced! :-(

  2. I have the same creeper-style shoes~ they're great but the studs on top come out pretty easily ; ;

  3. Those tights are fantastic!!!

  4. I love this 2nd outfit,these tights and creepers!!! <3