Tuesday, 11 September 2012

America: Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is a theme park and movie studio. We went there on the last full day in LA, and it was a lot of fun! It's sort of like Disneyland, but with films/shows by Universal Studios.

The entrance to the Simpsons "ride", which was actually one of those simulation things where the car rocks around in front of a screen that surrounds you, but you don't actually go anywhere. It was really good, though! Despite the entirely unrealistic scenes on the screen, it still managed to make you feel like you were really on a rollercoaster. 

Meeting Spongebob with my sister

Going to Jurassic Park 8D (This photo looks really posed, but in reality I just can't walk like a normal person.)

It was a (really good) boat ride. I couldn't get many photos because some of the dinosaurs spat water, so I had to put my phone away haha.


Getting eaten by Jaws :< 

We had amazing frozen lemonade stuff whilst queuing for the studio tour. The tour started off kind of boring, just showing the outside of the studios, but then it started driving around old film sets and showing special effects (floods, fire, bullets etc.), which was cool.

The Grinch

A plane crash. I can't remember what film it was, but they destroyed a real plane for it.



  1. Omfggg the Grinch 8DD

    And lmao at the guy posing in front of Krustyland.

  2. I laughed at the jaws pic. Great!