Sunday, 23 September 2012

In Birmingham

I'm all moved into my new house in Birmingham! For the first few days I was the only one here, though, and I didn't even have the internet until yesterday! That was horrible. :c 

Here's my room (but there are posters now):
New friend (help me name it!)

Class hasn't started yet, but I had to be here on Friday for a timetabling meeting, and Wednesday was the only day my dad could drive me up. Apart from that and going to the societies fair (I joined the rock, Japan, goth and LGBTQ societies), which only took about half an hour, I've been super bored haha. 

Taking pictures because I had nothing else to do:

Here's an outfit shot:



  1. I love your glasses and outfit! It's really cute. I wish we had a rock or Japanese club at my college. D: We don't >_<

    Those plants are really awesome! My uncle has one, I like it when it closes up, like it's biting or something lol. Hm...I can't think of any names. D: Snappers? No, that sounds lame ^^; lol

    1. Thank you!

      Haha the first time I saw it close, it scared me so much! I didn't think it'd happen so quickly,

    2. You're welcome!

      Lol, yeah. It does take you by a surprise!

  2. I love Venus Fly Traps! They are endangered and native to the area I grew up at in North Carolina in the State. I've been told that they only have so many times that they can close up in their lifetime before they die, but I don't know how true that is.


  3. wow, you're so grown up TTvTT good luck!! as for a name, how about um.... marmaduke? hehehe

  4. Venus flytraps are awesome, that one has a lot of heads, the ones here usually only come with 3 heads.. And die quickly.. Dont water it to much. That jacket is lovely