Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tokyo: Tokyo Decadance

On the 30th of June was a Tokyo Decadance with the theme "June bride". For those that don't know, Tokyo Decadance is a clubnight that is probably best known for the outfits/costumes of the attendees. Those who dress according to the theme (which changes each time), or simply in an eccentric manner, get a discount on entry. The discount is only 500 yen (about £4) off the original 3500, but people really do go all out. As well as amazing music all night (it ends at about 5am), there are various performances. The music is glorious industrial techno (my favourite kind of music for clubs) and hard electro. 8)

I'd found this flyer earlier in the week:
The guy right at the bottom is DJ SiSeN, who often (always?) DJs at Tokyo Decadance. He's easily my favourite DJ, and plays industrial and such. 8D 

 Emilie had planned to go with me, but she was really busy with finding apartments and such, so decided not to go. I'd wanted to go for a while, and knew I'd regret it if I didn't, so scary as it was, I went alone. 

Obviously I didn't have my whole wardrobe with me, so I had to make do with stuff I'd bought on the trip. The theme was bridal or couples, which I just ignored haha, because I don't really wear white. I still got the discount, and also had my photo taken for Gothic & Lolita Bible! I don't know whether or not it'll get published, but it was still pretty cool. Here's what I came up with:
Awkward pose because I was too tall for the purikura booth haha.
Accessories/make up

Surprisingly strong 100 yen alcohol from a combini

It turned out I didn't need to be scared, as people there were really nice, and I wasn't the only one who went alone. There were loads of French people too haha, so I found it easy to talk to people. I also hung out with Mayumi, Shiena and Hitomi for a bit, who I'd met earlier in the week.

There was a real double wedding (two couples) towards the start of the event, performed by... Colonel Sanders (apparently a real priest), DJ SiSeN, and a Grell cosplayer. Surreal.

I talked to the priest later, and it turns out he's English too! He was lovely haha.

I love SiSeN's new look! I ended up speaking to him a tiny bit, and he's really small in real life, aww. C: He was lovely. He also played Nachtmahr's El Chupacabra! It made me way too happy to find out that he likes Nachtmahr haha, they're one of my favourite groups. 

Some kind of performance with fire

I definitely recommend going if you ever have the chance! It's a lot of fun, and people are lovely. Entry may seem a little expensive, but it's definitely worth it. It also includes one drink haha. 



  1. It looks epic!!!!amazing outfit too *___*

  2. *u* your outfit is AMAZZZIINNG!!

    im so jealous you got to go to a tokyo decadance night, i always wanted to go to a paris one but idk are they still on..?! anyway, im glad you had fun there, your outfit really is lovely!

    1. Thank you <3
      I don't know if they're still on, but if they are, let's go together 8D

  3. I just started reading your blog and its great. DJ sisen is adorable! Met him a couple of years ago. I hope to go to Tokyo Decadence when I go to japan in october.

    1. Thank you C: Haha agreed, he was lovely.