Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Paris: Expo

I've decided to do two entries on my trip to Paris, separated by Expo and non-Expo happenings. Expo first, as that was the main purpose of the trip. 

The Japan Expo in Paris is sort of like London's MCM Expo, only much bigger and better, and they actually have good guests. I went from Friday to Sunday. Friday was fairly uneventful, as my friends didn't get to Paris until the evening, and there wasn't a lot going on on that day.

One of my favourite parts of the Expo was the Nico Nico Douga booth, where anyone could go up and be interviewed and broadcast live on the Nico Nico site. The fun part is seeing the comments of the viewers, which scroll across screens shown at the back of the stage. Depending on who was currently being shown, the comments ranged from the extremely cruel to "I love you, marry me" haha, and no matter how boring the current interview, the comments were always hilarious. 
I went on on Friday, then again with Dodo on Sunday when we were maids. 8D

Amazing Versailles cosplayers.

Project Diva. I played this a LOT in arcades in Japan, and was already missing it by the next day, so I was really happy to see it at Expo.

ParaParaParadise. I also used to play this a lot, but haven't since the Trocadero arcade closed. :C

Kyary and Mameshiba shops. I'd seen most of their stock in Japan for about half the price, but there were a few things I missed:
Little post-it note things

Stickers 8D

I think the bag they gave me alone made it worth it haha.

Here's the only Expo outfit shot I took (with Dodo):
As I only had a day to pack after getting back from Japan, I didn't really have enough time to come up with any new outfits/costumes. I love wearing this though haha. 

On Saturday, there were two lives. First was Anli Pollicino:
They were amazing, and I was really surprised when they played their Dead or Alive cover, which I absolutely love. Shindy (vocalist) has gorgeous hair. 

Right after was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Her set was very short (about 5 songs), but she was great. She's adorable in real life, but surprisingly short (she walked by me at one point, and was tiny). 
Her backup dancers were two of the most fabulous children on this earth. I spent most of it just watching them haha. As well as being better dancers than Kyary herself, they mouthed the lyrics with such dramatic facial expressions too haha. Adorable. They were in this video:
One of them (purple, apparently), who was also Kyary's dancer, is a boy!

And on Sunday was DaizyStripper! They were also great (and most of them were super short, too).

No picture, but I also bought just three mangas (Doubt and Judge), and was given this ridiculously large bag to carry them in. It's bigger than my suitcase! I had to leave it in Paris. We put Mameshiba stickers on it and used it to decorate our hotel room haha. 8)



  1. Haha the fact that you were at two of the same lives as me and we didn't see each other shows how much bigger it is than MCM! I agree about Kyary's backing dancers by the way, they were hilarious!

  2. I was there too! ^^
    Kyary's concert wasn't so short. She usually sing only 5-6 songs at her concerts even in Japan.
    I really liked the festival!

  3. yaay this convention with concerts looks so amazing!!!Also adore ur maid outfit *___*

  4. That video of the children dressed as vegetables was hilarious. I have no idea what it was for though..

  5. Now, I finally get it, why everyone used to carry these huge bags with them. :D Because of them,I really felt like most of the people attended The Japan Expo because of shopping.

    And Kyary's dancers were crazily fabulous!!!