Friday, 13 July 2012

Tokyo: Akihabara

Akihabara, or Akihabara Electric Town was probably my favourite place to just hang out in Tokyo. It's seriously like being in a cartoon. You walk through the streets and there's loads of AKB48-esque music playing, with maids everywhere advertising various maid cafes, and the buildings are super tall and colourful. It's not great for shopping (for clothes, anyway, but there are endless anime shops), but there are endless arcades, and loads of places to eat. I spent waaay too much money playing Project Diva and Dance Evolution. For the last few days of our trip, we stayed in a hotel in Akihabara.

On the last night, Dom and I visited MaiDreamin (a maid cafe). You were only allowed to take photos of your food haha, but the whole thing was ridiculously cute. To give you an idea of the atmosphere... As soon as anyone enters, all of the maids scream "irrashaimase!" (welcome) in squeaky voices. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's music was playing at first, but towards the end it changed to metal ahaha. The maids act as waitresses, and also talk to the customers, and teach them "spells" to cast on the food before they can eat it (I think it was something like "yummy yummy moe" haha). They didn't speak much English, so I had to sort of interpret for Dom, but they were super friendly, and very patient with my terrible Japanese. It was a little pricey, but definitely worth it for the experience.
Turtle sundae 8D

Alex playing a game where you basically... flip a table. It was amazing.

I won this from a claw machine! 8D 

By an escalator in the station

There was kaomoji (emoticon) merchandise everywhere 8D 
It also makes an evil laugh when you press the top. I didn't know what it did when I bought it, so it freaked me out a bit when I accidentally activated it to hear that and have the blinding lights shining in my eyes haha.


Takoyaki (deep fried octopus balls)

Rilakkuma hotcake KitKats

Dom and I went to Katsuya, a restaurant chain where most of the meals only cost about 500 yen (£4), and arrived within about 5 minutes. Amazing!
Dom's food
Best katsudon I've ever had.



  1. The claw machine plush is adorable. Hmmm, pancake kitkats, were they any good? I love the large range of kitkats you can get, but some of them taste terrible.

  2. Hi! I just found your blog through Dodo, and I am in love already!

    1. Ahh thank you, I'm glad to hear that! C:

  3. yaay all this kawaii food *___* want go to akihabara tooo <3

  4. Such cool photos! I want to go back to Japan with a working camera nest time. (My camera broke on Day 1!) Also, your outfit is so cute. ^^

    1. I just had my iPhone haha, next time I definitely want to take a proper camera. Thank you! C: