Thursday, 12 July 2012

Paris: Non-Expo adventures

I have no idea how to start/organise this entry, so I'll just jump in.

Dinosaur biscuits 8D

French dub of Inbetweeners.

On the metro on the way back from Expo, a Japanese man handed me a note written in French (with the pronunciation in katakana underneath haha) explaining that he was a fashion designer, and wanted me to model his clothing. I told him (in Japanese) that I was English, and he seemed super relieved that he wouldn't have to struggle to speak French haha. He showed me some photos of his clothing, and I agreed to shoot with him the next day after Expo. Dodo, Memz and Bree weren't arriving in Paris until a few hours later, so we went to a McDonald's near the station to wait for them, and ate/chatted in awkward Japanese until they arrived. We then all went back to our hotel (good old Etap lol), then drank until the early hours, and used Go (the fashion designer)'s French/Japanese textbook to learn new vocab in both languages haha. 

Glorious bugles

After Kyary's performance, I met with Go and his team to shoot around Montmartre. I really liked the clothes, so I look forward to seeing the photos.
At the Expo, Dodo and I were given flyers for some sort of J-pop/K-pop clubnight that evening, and as we'd wanted to go clubbing anyway, decided to go. So when I got back to the hotel after shooting, Dodo, Phoebe and I went. Satsuki performed. I'd never really listened to his music before, and while it's not really my thing, he was very good, and I enjoyed his performance.
This blur is Satsuki performing
The club in general was really fun haha. At some point, some guy let us in the VIP area (not sure why lol, we didn't actually try to go in), and we ended up talking to Satsuki (I think he was just happy to find Japanese/English speakers), and he is the sweetest guy ever. He hugged me just for saying his music is good, aww. All I really remember talking about was how he was liking Paris, then he asked about what music we liked, then he talked a bit about the MICRO HEAD 4N'S when we said we liked D'espairsRay.
And this blur is me with Satsuki lol. You can only just tell.

We kept eating these glorious microwave burgers for breakfast.

I remembered loving DooWaps as a child, so I bought some, and they're still amazing. 8D

Dodo and I stayed in on Sunday night. We drew on our faces and talked about feels lol.
I was meant to be Mameshiba haha, and Dodo... I don't even know.

Then Bree came back, and we formed babby374.

On Monday, we went to the Annual Lolita Convention. As we hadn't planned to go, I didn't have much lolita with me, so my outfit was fairly simple:

I bought Chantilly socks.

And this! It's wonderful.


In the evening, we met up with some French and Finnish lolitas we'd met at the convention for drinks, but had to leave quite early to catch the metro back. :<

We visited Boddywood (shop that stocks brands like Angelic Pretty) and the BTSSB store, then went to Princess Crepe (a Creperie run by BTSSB that does amazing Harajuku-style crepes).

Raspberry cream cheesecake crepe

After that, we went on a quest to find a KFC, because we'd heard it's better in France. Turns out it is.

We headed back to the Eurostar station a couple of hours before our train, then waited in McDonald's. You can get macarons there!



  1. Yay! So many delicious always :D
    I also took the poster of that creperia but eventually we didn't made it to go there...
    And actually, I think we met at the Baby shop at Tuesday, you looked really really cute x)