Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mini-review: Skeleton garters

I'm back from Paris, and it was amazing! Blogs coming soon, but first, I wanted to do a small review on the skeleton garters from Noctex that were waiting for me when I got back.

Here they are unworn:
As you may know, I already have these in black, and wear them all the time.

And here's how they look worn (with my new Chantilly OTKs):
I already have a couple of outfits planned for these, so expect pictures some time soon!

Postage and packaging: ★★★★★ - Despite her living in Canada, Noctex's items always reach me quickly, and are packaged very well. 
Quality: ★★★★★ - Very well made. They also do a very good job of staying in place and keeping my socks up, unlike normal suspenders; I can wear them all day without having to adjust anything.
Design: ★★★★★ - I wish I could give more stars haha, I love these so much. I wear the black ones all the time, and I'm sure the same will happen with these ones. They're also very comfortable.

I really cannot recommend these enough. You can buy them here (they're limited edition, so hurry!).


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  1. awwwh these garters are amazing,want some too,also love ur new otks ^^