Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tokyo: Shinjuku

Shinjuku is another place that's great for shopping. It's also where Tokyo Decadance was. On the day, I arrived about an hour before it opened, and even though all the shops were closed by this point, I had a lot of fun just wandering up and down the street the venue was on. It's very lively at night.

As for shopping, the main attractions (for me, anyway) are the department stores Studio Alta and Marui One. While most of Studio Alta doesn't really interest me, it is home to a Glavil/tutuHA, and Fernopaa (soooort of similar to Glavil). If you ever get the chance, definitely go to Fernopaa! When I was there, I met Amihamu, a shop girl whose pictures I'd seen online a lot:
I'm a huge fan of her make up. Not sure it'd suit me, but I want to at least try doing that style some day. Amihamu is just as adorable in real life, and super nice! It was really empty when I was there, so she just followed me around and chatted about bands and stuff while I shopped haha. 

Studio Alta gets:
Fernopaa necklace

Fernopaa choker

Fernopaa skirt

The one on the left. It took me aaaages to find somewhere selling this!

After, I went to Marui One, which is mostly lolita and punk brands. I got a Black Peace Now lucky pack! :D For those that don't know, lucky packs are sold to clear items. You pay a certain amount, and the contents of the bag are random, but are generally worth a lot more than what you paid. The shop girl let me feel all the lucky packs so I could try to guess what was inside haha. I managed to get one with a skirt (rather than pants) this way.

The bag 

This is pretty cool, but I honestly have no idea how to wear it, so I'll probably try to sell it (if anyone's interested, it's medium size).

The skirt I ended up wearing to Tokyo Decadance (but pinned up at the front)

Also wore this blouse for Tokyo Decadance

Cutsew dress



  1. the necklace, the cutsew shirt and the bag are just perfect holy *__*
    my friends got an Algonquins lucky bag last year but there was so much ugly stuff in it hahaha

    love your style and blog c:

  2. Haha aww, that's a shame.

    Thank you C:

  3. omg stunning gets,especially necklases and the last top *___*

  4. If you definately sell the BPN Onepiece thing let me know a sort of price ;D!

    Ohhh thats her name! I met her too so damn lovely ahaha you should have taken a photo with her! (still love all your gets *0*)