Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tokyo: Harajuku

I went to Harajuku several times during our stay in Tokyo, and it has to be my favourite place to shop. As well as having tonnes of amazing shops, there are loads of fabulous-looking people around. 

The station

Life is Burgers

Matcha cheesecake crepe. Was not expecting an actual slice of cheesecake in it ahaha. It tasted amazing, though.

Dom and I went to this amazing sushi place:

Different kinds of (free) green tea and drawer of chopsticks.

We ate loads because it was so cheap haha (Taking this photo from Dom~)

Harajuku gets:
Monomania necklace I've wanted for ages \8D/ I didn't think I'd be able to get it, as it was sold out online.

Angelic Pretty's Moon Night Theater JSK (from Closet Child)

Got Angelo's new single on the release date, and it came with a photo set 8D

Long out of print D'espairsRay CD from the VK Closet Child 8D

This is from Paris Kids, but Glavil/tutuHA was selling something almost identical for about 4 times the price haha.

Suspender-stockings (all attached together)

I'd needed a new bag for aaaages (all of mine were broken haha), so I was really happy to find this. 



  1. I love that bag ;;
    I saw a similar one in London but it was like £125 :c

    1. That's crazy! I saw it in quite a few shops in Tokyo, and I didn't check the price, but I'm sure it was nowhere near that in any of them.

  2. I am loving the monomania necklace, I'd been wanting one since I saw it.
    And the bag! I really like it!

    Totally jealous of your Angelo gets ;;