Wednesday, 25 July 2012

EOS Fairy violet lens review

About a week ago, I saw that PinkyParadise were having a sale on the EOS Fairy circle lens series. I'd wanted purple lenses for a while, so I decided to give these a try.

As usual, they came with a free animal case. 8D

I was really happy to find that they're very noticeably purple on my eyes! I had purple Geo lenses a while back, but they showed up so dark on my eyes that they pretty much just looked black. 

Without flash
With flash
With make up (no flash)

Awkward, passport-esque photo haha

Comfort - These are probably the most comfortable lenses I've ever owned. I could barely feel them at all! EOS seem to be quite good at this; my red EOS lenses are super comfortable too. 

Design - They don't blend very well with my eyes, so you can see some of my real eye colour quite clearly when my pupils are constricted, but they're light enough that from a small distance it's not too noticeable. These are the first unnatural coloured circle lenses that have showed up well on my eyes!

Enlargement - At 14.5mm they're not meant to be massive, but they still provide a lot of enlargement! 

All in all, I'd definitely recommend these lenses (you should get them now while they're 30% off!). 



  1. Nice lenses! They look very good on you! I really like purple and pink lenses. <3

  2. Like the review and the lenses~ I've been wanting to order a pair myself, but so afraid of putting something in my eye ;A; Was it difficult to put in?

    1. It's really not that scary putting them in! It can take a little while at first, but with practice you can do it really easily!

  3. i want some violet ones! i had them in normal lense form before but they look awesome in circle lense form :)
    also ive given you a blog award here: