Thursday, 28 February 2013

28/2/2013 - A few recent gets and an outfit

 Mickey Mouse tights from Primark. c:

The latest addition to my ever-growing collection of ridiculous pyjamas, also from Primark. 

3D cartoon bag from Ebay! 
A lot of people on Facebook were really confused about this, so here are some more photos to show how it works:

It's completely flat, so you can't fit a whole lot inside it.

 I can get a couple of small textbooks in, though.

I used the bag for uni today.

Pink necktie/bow and Kreepsville 666 horns in a vague attempt to coordinate the outfit with the bag lol. 

Song of the day:


  1. Aah the tights are cool! The bag is genius, but I couldn't use it, I always carry too much stuff with me xD cute outfit too! <3

  2. Those bags confuse my eyes so much! Its a shame they are so small inside though

  3. You bag makes my brain go all funny :/ But I really like your kodona look, it suits you so well! And your serious face in the last picture is so cute <3

  4. awww oh my god this is all too awesome!!

  5. this bag is a mindfuck O_O
    but I like it! It's so cool *^'*
    your outfits are so awesome! wahh I want your mickey mouse thights!

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  7. I really like your kodona outfit! You rock~