Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I am a chandelier (・ω・)

About a month back I did a shoot with Paul Ward for a featurette in Digital SLR magazine. It's been published now, so I can finally post the photos~

The theme given to the photographer by the magazine was 'candles'. The original plan he had didn't quite work out, so on the day he improvised and put together the chandelier-like thing on my head. I was pretty impressed by that! The candles weren't actually lit on me, of course. 

A blurry iPhone snap of one of the magazine pages (the second page just shows a bigger version of one of the photos above):
It talks through the process of taking the final photo, and all of these small photos illustrate it. 
On an unrelated note, here's a (half) outfit shot from today:
I've been really into dressing like a boy lately~

Song of the day:


  1. Stunning photograps!!

  2. The photos are absolutely amazing!
    Boy style and the color of the wig suits you so well, too c: