Tuesday, 12 February 2013

9/2/2013 - Maid café and clubbing

Saturday was my first day as a maid at Maids of England! It was a lot busier than Team Kiku (in Kent), so it was a little stressful at times, but I enjoyed it a lot more. C: 

My new uniform. I think it suits me better than the Kiku one, too~ 

 With the other maids (minus Miyuu :c )

 The day's cast

Derping in the cupboard after the event finished

After, I went clubbing with Dodo, Alex and Hiroki!


 Am I anime enough yet?

I finally met the adorable Mizuki (centre), who I've been talking to through Facebook for quite a while! 

After we left, we sat in Burger King for about an hour, just silently iMessaging and Facebooking eachother under the table haha


  1. That wig looks amazing on you so kawaii!!! <3 LOL

  2. kyaaah finlay you are sooo adorable ^^

  3. absolutely gorgeous!! ^___^

  4. That wig and outfit is adorable. You just need to draw on those giant anime eyes (with your eyes shut) then boom instant anime chick! I wish we had a maid event in Australia...

  5. awwh the maid uniform suits you well and I also love ur clubbing outfit,amazing top and wig ^____^

  6. haha the last photo is priceless!
    Your maid uniform is very cute, and I like your clubbing outfit :D