Friday, 15 February 2013

10/2/2013 - Harajuku! Valentine's Ball

On Sunday, Hiroki managed to talk me into going to a free event called "Harajuku! Valentine's Ball", which was surprisingly good. It wasn't a ball, but more of a live music night with some DJ sets between bands, and a vague Harajuku/Japan theme. I mostly stayed in the main stage area, because the bands were pretty good, but there were a few different rooms where you could watch movies and play video games too, so that was cool. 

My outfit:
I wanted to wear a lolita skirt, but my petticoat was in Birmingham, so I had to make do with frilly shorts instead haha.

I went for a demon look: 

I never realise just how pale I am until I see photos of myself with other people ahaha 


  1. seems like an interesting event!
    love your look :3

  2. you are always so pretty! ;^;
    this outfit is awesome! and your makeup too <3 waahhh <3