Tuesday, 19 February 2013

13/2/2012 - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert in London!

Wednesday was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's concert in London. I originally wasn't going to go, because it was a Wednesday so I thought I'd have to be in Birmingham for uni, but it turned out to be reading week, so I was actually at my dad's house, which was only a 5 minute walk from the venue. Someone tweeted me on the day saying they had a spare ticket for sale, so I went! 8D 

I didn't have many clothes with me (and most of them were black), so it took me far too long to figure out what to wear. Eventually I decided to just brave the cold and wear my Mameshipamyupamyu tights (with BJD tights underneath for a tiny bit more warmth):

Wanted to use my eyeball bow somehow, so I put it on my cat ear headband. Now I think about it, it kind of looks like Hello Kitty haha.

The rest of the outfit was pretty boring because I was wearing a coat anyway.

I arrived at the venue a few hours before the doors opened to pick up my ticket. I could have just gone home again, but quite a few people I knew were there, and I wanted to get a good place, so I stuck around and spent the next few hours eating chocolate and jumping around in vain attempts to keep warm.
With Hiroki (who I stole this photo from), Alex and Lizzie~

Alex and Kuchii being... I don't even know haha

So much chocolate (and excellent faces from Alex and Hiroki aha)! 

Eventually we went in, and somehow I ended up right at the front! I was expecting to be like 5 rows back, but people kept letting me in front of them because they were taller (which was also odd, because I was taller than most people there, but somehow ended up around lots of tall people). Because of this, unfortunately, there were constantly video cameras filming me, which was really awkward. I've already been on two Japanese TV programs/clips about the concert, apparently. D: I've only seen one of them, but I'm not posting it because I look so ridiculous haha. 

After about an hour, Kyary came on, and the show was amazing! She played all of her famous songs, and a few of the less well-known ones too. For backup dancers, she had two children (who I'm starting to suspect are actually just small adults) like she did in Paris, and two incredibly camp adult men, whose fabulous hair styles and constant cheeriness made them look like characters from a Dr Seuss movie. The staff asked us not to take photos, but here's one from her Facebook where you can see the dancers in all their fabulous glory (and me, if you look carefully) right before the encore:

Kyary changed costume a few times. The first time she was changing, they showed us video clips about her history and such (I think they might have showed the same one last year in Paris, because it seemed familiar). The second time, they showed this TV program she does. I can't remember the name, but it was really cute and funny, and didn't make much sense at all. The last time, someone dressed in a giant Pamyurin (a strange, pink rabbit that's supposed to be Kyary's alter ego or something?) came out and danced for a bit while a video introducing it played in the background. 

She also performed her new song, Ninja Ri Bang Bang, which I think will be released in March. I found a live recording of it on Youtube:

Abi in her Pon Pon Pon cosplay~ 

I bought a Pamyurin keychain! 


  1. I love the nipples on the keychain haha XD
    and Abis cosplay was so good, I cant get over how she just casually made it and it was so good XD