Sunday, 24 February 2013

An outfit post

Here are a few recent outfits that I haven't posted yet~

From when my sister stayed with me at university for a night last week. I dressed her as a boy and we had a brojama party. C: 

It felt really strange having long hair. 

From Saturday's lolita meet at the Birmingham science museum.


  1. I really like the first outfit^^ it's something I would wear myself too!

  2. Gorgeos outfits! And lol at the horse mask in the last photo!

  3. Damn it Fin, youre too darn pretty!

  4. omg I love the outfit with the long hair!
    It's pretty cool and you are looking good with long far as I can see your face! xD <3

  5. Your sis suits that style! What a cutie! I think even with a horse head on you still look better than most.