Wednesday, 6 March 2013


On Friday I went to London to go to Japan Underground. As usual, people came to mine first for pre-drinks. 
Before heading out

Vodka, lemonade and mint syrup. 8)

With Dodo, who I hadn't seen for far too long ;A; 

Sort of-outfit shot

Japan Underground was good, but I didn't take any pictures there. It finished pretty early, so we went back to my house for more tomfoolery. By that point, our group had somehow gone up to about 10 people.

After getting bored of the movie we were watching, we drew on the faces of early sleepers, put a guy (who was really eager, despite what he says) in a dress, and played a very extensive game of human Buckaroo with DeMc, who apparently can sleep through anything:
The rule was that you had to drink if you woke him up, but he WOULD NOT WAKE UP, so we had to change it to drinking if anything fell off. 

At about 3am we got hungry and ordered pizza

The next day:

Blanket fort 8D

We hooked a laptop up to the TV and watched The Most Popular Girls in School from the fort.

I also got some new tights:
The cat heads kinda look like Pikachu heads (*゚▽゚*)

Song of the day:


  1. You and Dodo always look so cute :)
    Youre both huge inspirations to me :D

  2. TMPGIS!!! And those tights are gorgeous.

  3. That game is like hilarious XD Hahaha. Also really nice outfit and what a nice house :0
    I wonder what those minty green drinks taste like!