Sunday, 20 January 2013

19/01/2012 - Snow shoot!

Yesterday I had a photo shoot in the snow! I was ridiculously cold, but had a lot of fun. Around when it first snowed in Birmingham, about a week ago, I was contacted by a designer asking me if I wanted to do a couture Red Riding Hood-themed shoot in the snow. I don't like shooting outdoors (or being outside at all to be honest lol), but I really liked the concept of it, so I accepted. At the time we didn't really know when it was going to snow more, so we just planned the shoot with a very vague idea of when it would actually happen, and yesterday was the day. 

Originally we wanted to shoot with the sunrise in the background, so we arrived at the designer's studio to get ready at about 6am (I had to get up at 4am to walk there!), planning to be finished by 9am. We soon realised that because of the snow, there wouldn't be much of a sunrise, so we could take our time. 

The whole day was also being filmed by a team of 4 photographers and videographers. They didn't arrive until about an hour after us, and we couldn't finish the make up without them, so for a while the designer, make up artist and I just sat around eating porridge haha.

The make up concept was pale skin and big, doll-like eyes, so I was allowed to wear circle lenses! 8D

The designer being interviewed on camera.

After lots of filming in the studio and a few photos, we all piled into a car to go to the shooting location. It turned out to be where I was living last year! Not the actual building, of course, but the surrounding hilly, forest-ish area that looked great in the snow. 

I was wearing about 5 layers of clothes on my legs, because they weren't visible under the dress, but my arms and shoulders were completely uncovered. I actually thought it'd be okay at first, because I didn't feel too cold when we started shooting, but eventually my hands became painfully cold (and then just completely numb). 

After we were sure we'd got a few good shots (which didn't actually take too long), we went to a café to warm up with hot drinks and see what was happening with the second model, who was...

...a dog! 8D Because the theme was Red Riding Hood, we wanted to use a dog that looked kind of like a wolf. In the morning we didn't think it was going to happen, so we went ahead and took a loads of shots anyway, but in the end we managed to borrow an akita from a friend of a friend of the photographer. I was so happy! 

The dog/wolf was gorgeous, but kept getting distracted and running off lol, so it took a while to get the shots we needed. She was way too strong for me to restrain, and there was no way I could run after her in the dress, so whenever she decided to run off, I just had to let go of her leash, and the owner would have to run after her and bring her back haha. 

I'm super excited to see the results of this shoot~


  1. omg they look like they are gonna come out amazingly

  2. WOW incredible !! love the style and the dos its so cute!

  3. wow amazing!
    hope you didn't caught a cold D: