Tuesday, 15 January 2013

12/01/13 - 13/01/13

On Sunday I had a modelling job in London, so I went down for the whole weekend. C: 

I also had "maid training" on Saturday. This was my outfit:
I was wearing the outline cat ear things, but you can't really see them in the photo.

When training was over, I went home and got changed into this for Japan Underground:

Alex and Dayle came over for predrinks, and we drank copious amounts of amaretto with milk (shut up, it was delicious) before heading off.

We arrived shortly before the main band of the night, BRAIN DEATH ZOMBIE, went on stage. They were amazing. If you like DIR EN GREY, I strongly recommend giving them a listen:

On Sunday I was modelling for some kind of photography workshop. There were about 10 photographers of varying skill levels (but most of them pretty new, it seemed), and for some reason they were all Japanese lol (not even exaggerating). I'm not really expecting to get any good photos out of it, but I was paid very well, so it's all good. 8) Also, an English guy came later, and it turns out he was at Japan Underground the night before too! I was so surprised when I heard him telling someone about it~ 

Also, look what I came across today aha:
I did a hair/stock photo shoot back in June or so, and now this alternative shop (Blue Banana) is using the photos to sell hair dye. It kind of seems like cheating though, because I've never actually dyed my hair haha. It's really strange for me, because I never even expected to see the photos being used, yet here they are in the window of a shop I actually quite like! This photo is the Birmingham one (obviously), but apparently the poster is in the Bristol one too haha. 


  1. Love both outfits, they look wonderfull on you ♥

  2. great outfits! I really like them ^-^

  3. Love the outfit you wore for JU, especially the little outline horns :D

    So crazy that youre on an advert! But if the hair colour isnt true to their product then thats just silly of the company lol

  4. hey girl :) your outfits are amazing! ive been surfing your blog and you have brilliant taste! :3 i was wondering though, see the suspenders you have on in this photo? where did you get them? i noticed you have white ones too. they are stunning! :) also, i noticed you have those leather like lace up leggings, i was going to buy them but i was curious whether they were comfortable or not and seenings you are the first person ive seen who bought them you i thought id ask you! :P

    thankyou! ^^

    1. Thank you. C:
      The suspenders are from Noctex on Etsy, but I don't think she's making them any more. The leggings are comfortable. C: