Thursday, 3 January 2013


As it was our second-to-last day in London yesterday, my sister and I wanted to make the most of it and went to hang out in central London. 

Us together before leaving:
She's almost as tall as me! Can you believe she's only 13? 

Full outfit shot:

First, we did purikura:
For some reason they had a Rilakkuma cape thing you could wear in the photos haha. 

After that, we did some shopping at the Japan Centre:
I decided to try Ranzuki, which I'd never read before. 

We then played a few games at an arcade before going to MADD for snacks:

...And more photo-taking/decorating, because apparently the purikura wasn't enough: 


  1. haah you both look really cute.Your sister looks older ^^ And I love the purikura pics ^^

  2. I love Ranzuki, I can't wait to recive this number. ^^