Thursday, 26 April 2012

25/04/2012 - New Favourite Underwear Shop

My exams are finally over for a couple of weeks! \8D/ Now I have loads of time to waste on The Sims 2. I think the exams went sort of okay. Today was the final Japanese lesson, and we got our exam results back (the  Japanese exams were all before the holiday). I think I got about 80% overall, so I'm happy with that (because you only need 40% to pass haha).

So anyway, after my exam yesterday I went to the Bull Ring (shopping centre) because there were a few things I needed. When I got there, I noticed that Boux Avenue had opened a shop. Basically, it's an underwear shop that not only has nice underwear, but also has my size (which is very rare for a non-online shop) and is reasonably priced. I cannot recommend this shop enough if you have a hard-to-find bra size (back sizes go down to 30 and cup sizes up to H). They have a webshop, but if there's one in your area, it's definitely worth paying a visit, because it's a really nice shop, and it's always good to be able to try things on.

I got measured for my size, and it was surprisingly not awkward at all. The woman measuring me was super friendly and helpful (as were all of the staff). My back size is normally 28 and they only went down to 30, so I had to go up a back size and down a cup size, but it's still a lot closer than what most shops have. I tried on a few things, and soon found what's now my favourite bra. It fits so well!

The fitting rooms had different lighting settings, which I thought was really cool.

They wrap your purchases in pretty tissue paper then put fake scented petals in the bag with it. 

I wish I took photos of the shop, because it looks so nice. They also have an old fashioned telephone that's hooked up to the fitting room intercoms, which I thought was really cute. 

I also got these glorious things from Holland & Barrett. They're so much better than banana chips.



  1. Woahhh the packaging and the changing room looks so nice! Take me to there!!! 8D

    1. Yaaaay okay 8D You need to come and stay with me on a Friday or something so we can go there then go to Tron with Charky etc.